3200 Vs 3600 RAM: Which One Is Better For Your System?

RAM is one of your computer’s most important components. If you are building a new computer, updating an existing one, or looking to purchase a new one, you should always consider RAM.

RAM is an abbreviation for “random access memory,” and it is your computer’s short-term memory. It keeps track of temporary data that the system is currently working on. Because this memory is so fast, you can multitask or run multiple programs simultaneously. Then, when you turn off the computer, it is erased.

Difference Between 3200 And 3600

1. CAS Latency

After receiving a command from the CPU, CAS latency indicates how many clock cycles it takes the RAM to access the data in one of its columns. As a result, the lower the latency, the higher the performance.

DDR4 3200 CL typically ranges between 14 and 16, whereas DDR4 3600 CL typically ranges between 15 and 19. Because these ranges overlap at some point, you can find DDR4 3200 and 3600 memory with the same CAS latency.

CAS latency alone is insufficient to determine which RAM is superior.

2. Clock Speeds

Clock speed basically tells you how long it takes the RAM to process a CPU request and then read or write data.

The DDR4 3200 has a clock speed of 3.2 billion cycles per second, which is already quite impressive and will vastly improve the performance of your system.

Faster speeds, on the other hand, will outperform slower competitors, and the DDR4 3600 has a speed of 3.6 billion cycles per second.

Hence, in terms of clock speed, 3600 is better than 3200.

3. Memory Capacity

When it comes to RAM, size is just as important as speed. Memory capacity is measured in gigabytes (GB) and represents how much data the RAM can hold.

In this regard, the DDR4 3200 and DDR4 3600 are equal: both can store up to 64 GB of data.

4. Compatible Chipsets

When comparing both RAMs, the chipset is usually an important factor to consider because it is what allows the module to be integrated into the motherboard and communicate with other hardware.

The good news is that both the DDR4 3200 and DDR4 3600 use the XMP 2.0 chipset, making them AMD and Intel-compatible.

5. Power Voltage

The electricity consumption of RAM is important to consider in order to maximize the module’s potential while minimizing energy waste.

You won’t have to worry about comparing power voltages, because both the DDR4 3200 and the DDR4 3600 operate on 1.2V to 1.4V.

6. Pricing

When it comes to deciding factors, most people will most likely prioritize price.

Because of the differences in speed, the DDR4 3200 is less expensive than the DDR4 3600, as we mentioned at the beginning of this guide.

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As you can see, we have compared the two types on a number of parameters. Now the question arises, which one should you go for? It all depends on your own preference.

Do you want to have a smooth and quick office experience? The DDR4 3200 would suffice for you. Going with the 3600 would almost certainly be a waste of money because you will not require that much speed for your daily tasks. If you are a serious gamer, you will need to invest a little more and get the DDR4 3600.

Let us know what you think about the features of these two and which one you prefer. Also, share the article with your friends who are confused about the type they should get.

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