AMD Radeon R9 M380: Suitable For Gaming In 2022? – Detailed Guide

The AMD Radeon R9 M380 is a laptop-specific mid-range graphics card. It is built around a 28nm GCN core that contains 12 compute units and a GDDR5 memory controller. Despite the similar name, the Radeon R7 M380 is significantly slower, with only 10 compute units and DDR3 memory.

Features Of The AMD Radeon R9 M380

Let us now discuss the various features of this new card:

1. Automatic GPU Decoding

The AMD GPU directly decodes video for MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, and Flash on the R9-M380. HD videos in Multi-View Codec (MVC) and MPEG-4 Part 2 (DivX, Xvid) formats are also supported.

2. Switching

Automatic graphics switching between the integrated and discrete GPUs is also supported by the R9 series. Enduro is a new technology that replaces AMD’s Dynamic Switchable Graphics and is similar to Nvidia’s Optimus. Furthermore, if Enduro is disabled, the M380 can directly support multiple monitors via Eyefinity Technology.

3. Zerocore

Other features include ZeroCore, which reduces power consumption when the display is turned off, and Power Gating, which powers down non-used areas of the chip.

4. Built-In Audio Processor

The built-in HD audio processor can send HD audio (TrueHD or DTS Master Audio) over HDMI and DisplayPort (e.g., for Blu-Ray videos). The new Discrete Digital Multipoint Audio (DDMA) feature, it also allows audio to be output simultaneously and in parallel to multiple devices.


Below you will find the specifications of the AMD Radeon R9 M380:

CodenameStrato Pro GDDR5
Pipelines768 – unified
Core Speed1000 MHz
Memory Speed6000 MHz
Memory Bus Width128 Bit
Memory TypeGDDR5
Max. Amount of Memory4 GB
Shared Memoryno
APIDirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0, OpenGL 4.3
Transistor Count1.5 Billion
technology28 nm
FeaturesDirectCompute 5.0, OpenCL
Notebook Sizemedium-sized
Date of Announcement16.06.2015 = 2657 days old


Unfortunately, no benchmarking has been done for this graphic card yet. Please check again in the future.

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And that was all about the AMD Radeon R9 M380. As mentioned above, this is a very mid-tier card, and not suitable for heavy gaming. We have listed the available features too. The choice is up to you. Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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