[Answered] An Error In A Program That Involves A Violation Of Language Rules Will Be Detected At

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The Answer to this question if compile time

An error in a program that involves a violation of language rules will be detected at compile time.


What exactly is compile time?

In software development, compile time is a term. This is the stage at which the programming code is converted to machine code.

Compile time errors occur when the rules of writing syntax are broken.

At compile time, the programming code includes:

  • C#
  • Java
  • C
  • Python

As a result, a program error involving a violation of language rules will be detected at compile time.

Compile Time Errors – A Deeper Look

  • Compile-time errors are those that occur when we write incorrect syntax. If we write incorrect syntax or semantics in any programming language, the compiler will throw compile-time errors.
  • The compiler will not allow the program to run until all errors have been removed. The compiler will generate the executable file once all errors have been removed from the program.

Compile-time errors can include:

  • Errors in syntax
  • Errors in semantics

Syntax Errors

  • The compiler will throw a syntax error if the programmer does not follow the syntax of any programming language.
  • As an example,
  • int a, b:
  • The above declaration generates a compile-time error because, in C, every statement ends with a semicolon, but we use a colon (:) instead.

Semantic Errors

  • When statements are not meaningful to the compiler, semantic errors occur.
  • As an example,
  • a+b=c;
  • The preceding statement generates compile-time errors. In the preceding statement, we are assigning the value of ‘c’ to the sum of ‘a’ and ‘b,’ which is not possible in C programming language because it can only contain one variable on the left of the assignment operator and more than one variable on the right of the assignment operator.

The preceding statement can be rewritten as follows:


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