Best Tips And Cheat Codes For Racing Rivals The Mobile Game – Guide 2022

Racing Rivals relocates drag racing from the streets to the safer realm of mobile gaming devices. This drag racer has all of the designer rides you’ve always wanted to take for a wild ride.

The cars look great, the engines sound great, and the locations you’ll be driving and drifting in are stunning. We want you mobile gamers to get the most out of this mobile drag racer, so here are our top ten tips/tricks/cheat guide for the game.


Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

These are the tricks you must know if you’re new to racing rivals:

1. Learn More About the Speed Boost

When you’re getting ready to race, keep your eyes on the light-up meter directly above the launch button. When that meter turns green, press the gas/launch button because you’re ready to haul off the starting line at a faster pace. Keep your hands off the launch button if the light-up meter turns red. You’ll have engine problems that keep you from getting a good start in the race. Hitting the start button at the right time will keep you from being disqualified or losing momentum.

2. Work On Shifting

The goal is to hit your launch and shift prompts when the light-up meter turns green. Start revving your engine and getting those RPMs to trigger the green lights. Check that the launch button is perfectly aligned with the green light. Then, once the green light appears, make sure you hit that perfect shift every time. This method will greatly improve the smoothness of your official race starts.

3. Pick Right Upgrades

There are numerous car upgrades available, ranging from those that increase horsepower and torque to those that reduce the car’s weight, but almost all of them increase the amount of engine damage that will be done. First, go for the “low-hanging fruit.” Examine the engine modifications and select those that add the most torque and horsepower (such as increasing the displacement, a cold air intake, headers, and exhaust). They’re also inexpensive, at least for the first stage of the upgrade.

4. Pink Slip Races

Pink Slip races raise the stakes but make sure your ride is fully prepared. Winning these races will earn you free rides, but you must have two rides to enter them. However, losing a pink slip race means your vehicle will be put up for sale. Make no pink slip challenges until your two rides have been fully upgraded and are capable of handling them. Keep in mind that if you lose, you lose your ride.

5. Take Weight Off Ride

The weight of your vehicle is something you should definitely consider. Heavier vehicles will struggle to make any progress in a race, so reduce their weight to a manageable level. When you’re ready to upgrade your ride, go to the “Chassis” tab. You will be able to reduce the weight of your ride by up to 25% at three different intervals. Racers, keep your upgrades high and your weight low.

6. Patience

Be patient when playing multiplayer. When you challenge a player, nine times out of ten they will say they are “busy.” Races don’t last long, so you’ll probably only have a minute or two before you hit the track.

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And that was all from our side. If you have any additional tips and cheats to offer fellow Racing Rivals players, please leave them in the comments section!

Also, let us know if you have any queries below.

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