Dell Inspiron 15 5585: The Perfect All-Rounder? | [Quality And Performance Review]

If you’re looking for a good all-arounder, the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is an excellent choice. This machine has a number of advantages, including good performance, long battery life, and a nice design. Let us investigate further in greater detail.

Design And Built

  • The design of the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is stunning, and the overall build quality is excellent.
  • The lid and palm rest are both made of anodized aluminum. The screen is a good size, and the touchpad is large.
  • The color space of the display is very similar to that of a laptop with the Asus VivoBook S15 S532F, but the color range is limited.
  • This is typical of the Inspiron budget laptop line, whereas the Dell XPS line has more vibrant colors.
  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 keyboard is large and has a textured plastic surface.
  • The click pad performs admirably, and cursor control is precise even at low speeds.
  • However, the feedback is not very positive and could have been more forceful.


  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is a good laptop that is reasonably priced but has a lot of features.
  • The computer has a good graphics card and a fast processor, as well as a full HD display, which is a nice bonus.
  • However, the build quality isn’t great, and the touchpad occasionally stutters.
  • Nonetheless, the laptop is adequate for light video editing and casual gaming.
  • You can add more storage by connecting an external hard disk (HDD).
  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has a 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD), which allows for extremely fast application and boot times. SSDs also reduce the risk of wear and tear, making them ideal for mobile computing.


  • The battery in the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is not particularly long-lasting.
  • It must be cleaned, charged, and discharged on a regular basis. It is highly recommended that you store it in a cool, dry place to extend its life.
  • If you can’t find a good place to keep your laptop, you can keep it in an antistatic bag.
  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5585’s battery lasts at least 13 hours, which is excellent for a lightweight laptop. However, if you use it continuously for 6 hours, the battery will quickly run out of power.
  • If you’re on the go and don’t need to charge your laptop frequently, you can get a longer-lasting replacement battery from Dell.
  • This battery will fit the same laptop model as the original and provide a more stable power supply.

Storage Capacity

  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is a low-cost laptop with a 256GB SSD and up to 3TB of expandable storage.
  • It costs well under $500 and is an excellent machine for everyday use. The main disadvantage of this machine is that it lacks a touchscreen, but it otherwise performs admirably.
  • If you dislike touchscreens, you should consider another model.
  • While there is no touchscreen on the Inspiron 15 5585, the screen is of good quality and suitable for working with images and video. It also has 8GB of DDR4 memory and storage that can accommodate both an HDD and an SSD.

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All in all, the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 is a pretty good all-rounder as mentioned above. Although, it is by no means a big bad gaming machine. we’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know. Whether to buy it or not is up to you.

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