Does *67 Still Work? [How To Use]

Hello readers, This time we’re talking about blocked numbers and unanswered calls. We’ve all had the experience of calls being ignored and messages not being returned. And we’re all wondering why this is happening and how to find out if the other party has blocked your phone number. So let us investigate. Is *67 still operational?

What Does *67 Mean?

  • If you believe a call receiver has blocked your number, enter these few digits to verify.
  • Enter the Star 67 and the number you want to call, along with the area code.
  • Then you can connect.
  • Your screen will soon become anonymous or private.
  • The number will not appear on the caller’s screen.

This method works on both smartphones and landlines. It is a free service that conceals your caller identity. However, the caller ID will be private, anonymous, or blocked.

In other words, people use star 67 to block a number.

Does *67 Still Work?

It’s a good question, dear readers. As we approach 2022, this is an urgent issue. And the answer is a resounding YES. The *67 method is still effective with both smart and land phones. All you have to consider and evaluate is the service provided by your service providers.

Alternatives To *67:

Here are some alternatives in case *67 does not work for you:

Alternative 1:

The *37 method can be used. It is quite similar to the *67 method. However, you must dial this as *37 hash or hash37hash, which is a good substitute for *67.

Alternative 2:

  • You can also try clicking the “phone” app and then clicking the three dots in the right corner if you need to hide your phone number from your Android phone.
  • Then, under Calls, select Additional Settings and navigate to the Caller ID section.
  • Then, in the pop-up message that appears, click hide number.

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The *67 trick can be quite useful for a person. The purpose of this article was to dispel any confusions the readers might have. We hope you found it helpful.

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