Dream Face Reveal: When And How Will He Reveal His Face?

Dream has been making Minecraft videos for several years, but no one has ever seen his face. They’ve only seen the happy logo that has come to represent his name.

Dream’s YouTube account was created in February of 2014 and has remained faceless since then, but that may change.

Fans have long pleaded for a face reveal, as they do with streamers and players who do not show their faces (Minecraft star Ranboo experiences it, too). For once, their cries may not be ignored. Here’s what Dream has to say about the possibility of a face reveal.

Latest “Reveal”

  • This image of (apparently) Dream wearing a Corpse beanie went viral on Twitter in March. The Minecraft star apparently posted it before quickly deleting it, knowing that his devoted fans would quickly share it.
Dream Face Reveal
  • This isn’t the first time he’s sparked fan excitement with a simple hair reveal.
  • In August 2021, he also revealed a glimpse of his locks in an Instagram post, concealing the rest with his smiley face mask.
  • There have also been several “leaks” that dream had to dismiss himself.

Will He Ever Reveal His Face?

Dream Face Reveal
  • Dream dropped a bombshell on fans just before the end of 2021. He informed them that he intends to remove the mask in 2022. It’s March, and he still hasn’t done so, but there’s still time.
  • On December 25, he stated the following about a face reveal:

“He’ll (Georgenotfound) be doing like a Vlog type thing. In his Vlog, we’ll meet or whatever, I probably won’t have my face in that but… most likely, could be, we’ll see. I don’t know all the details. After that, I’d say within a week or two… maximum of two weeks from that. I guess it just depends on how complicated the face reveal will be.”

  • There’s also a chance Dream’s real-life Minecraft manhunt will reveal his identity.
  • It would be extremely difficult to record and perform that without revealing one’s face or wearing a full mask the entire time. Whatever happens, his fans will be thrilled to see it.
  • Aside from that, the Dream face reveal has been relatively quiet. Dream did lay out a scenario for it and confirmed that he wants to do it, but he hasn’t provided any additional information.

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For the time being, it’s a waiting game for the devoted fans who have been patiently anticipating the day the mask comes off. Fortunately, the wait appears to be over.

Dream is immensely popular, and thus, sometimes you might see “leaked” pictures of him floating around on the internet. Our advice is to not give much weight to such rumors and to wait for Dream to reveal himself in his own time.

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