Elden Ring Touch Bloodstain Not Working: How To Fix – Full Guide

You are not alone in wondering why Elden Ring Bloodstains are not working. Elden Ring brings back Bloodstains, a popular mechanic from the Souls series. Bloodstains are small puddles of blood left in a player’s death location.

When you interact with them, you will be able to see that player’s death. It’s a really cool mechanic, but several players have reported that they can’t interact with Bloodstains right now. Continue reading to learn more about the Bloodstains bug.

What Does Bloodstain Touching Do?

Elden Ring Touch Bloodstain Not Working
  • When you touch a Bloodstain in Elden Ring, you will see the ghost of another player who died. The Bloodstains are a type of hint that you can use in the same way that other players leave messages on the ground. When you interact with a Bloodstain by pressing the button prompt that appears (E on PC), you will see a red silhouette of a player fighting before dying.
  • This is useful if you are visiting the location for the first time and want to know if there are any dangers nearby. If you see a bloodstain (or multiples), there is danger ahead, so be ready.
  • You may even see your own death that occurred previously. Although the enemy will not be shown, the number of bloodstains on the ground will give you an idea of an impending battle. So, if you want to avoid the enemy, you have the opportunity right now.

Why Are Bloodstains Not Working?

  • Though developer FromSoftware has yet to explain why the bloodstains aren’t working, it appears to be a server or game version issue.
  • Similar mechanics have been disabled in games to reduce server load, so it’s possible. Elden Ring has also recently received an update, which can sometimes break things that were working prior to the patch.

How To Fix This Error?

To remove Elden Ring bloodstains, players must:

  • Ascertain that the game is network-connected.
  • experience online features such as bloodstains, you must have a stable internet connection.
  • Check that the game has been updated to the most recent version.
  • Use the “Check for updates” feature on your platform.
  • Keep an eye on the official @EldenRing Twitter account.
  • Much of the developer’s communication is done through Twitter.

If the above workarounds do not resolve the problem, it is unfortunately up to the developer to release a fix.

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And that’s all there’s to it. Elden ring was released very recently, so such small bugs are natural. Fromsoft has a great reputation though, and these bugs will most likely be fixed in the next update/patch for good.

You can still try the fixes we’ve provided and see if they work for you.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve been able to fix this issue or not. If you have any suggestions, leave those in the comments as well.

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