[3 Solutions] How To Fix The Error 31 Other Network Problem?

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Recently, many users have reported a very common error in which they are unable to send and receive messages from other people, and the error message reads “Error 31: Other Network Problem.” This can be easily fixed in a short amount of time by following the instructions below.

What Is Preventing You From Sending And Receiving Text Messages On Your Phone?

This error could occur for a variety of reasons, including those listed below:

  • This error on your device could be caused by your signal extender.
  • This error appears on iPhones because the iMessage feature is enabled.
  • On an Android device, the error 31 may occur if you use a third-party messaging app that is unable to connect to Verizon’s network properly.

Things To Consider

  • Many people use range extenders to improve coverage in their area by extending the range of local WiFi signals. You may be experiencing this error as a result of the extender.
  • To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you disable your extender and turn off your wifi for a while before determining whether or not the message can be sent over the cellular network.
  • If the message is still not delivered and you receive this error message, contact Verizon customer service.

Solutions To This Error

1. Disable iMessage

If you have an iPhone, try to disable the iMessage feature because if someone sends you a message via Android while you have iMessage enabled, you will not be able to receive the message.

  • On your screen, tap the Settings icon.
  • Find and select the “Messages” option from the list.
  • Now, disable iMessage by tapping the toggle button next to iMessage.

2. Change Message App On Android

For Android users, there is a variety of messaging apps available. However, if you want to avoid error 31, we recommend downloading and using the Verizon Official app. Because third-party messaging applications frequently fail to communicate with Verizon’s network.

  • Search for “Verizon Messages App” in the Play Store on your mobile device.
  • To download this application, click the “Install” button.
  • Fill out your credentials and see if the error occurs on this app.

3. Clear Cache

If you still can’t get rid of error 31 or another network problem, try clearing the cache and data of your phone’s messaging app. To complete this task, follow the steps outlined below.

  • On your Android phone, tap the Settings icon.
  • Find and select Apps and Notifications. Some mobiles may only have Apps.
  • Now locate and launch Message+.
  • Clear data and cache by tapping the Clear Data and ClearCache buttons after selecting Storage.
  • If you continue to receive this error, try repeatedly tapping the send button in the message application, and the problem should be resolved.

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And that brings us to the end of this article. We hope you found it helpful. If you follow the steps provided above, you will no longer have to face this error.

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