[Solved] How To Fix The Error Code: F7053-1803 On Netflix?

When Firefox users attempt to stream content from Netflix, they receive the Error Code: F7053-1803 on both Windows and Mac. The error code is usually accompanied by the error message ‘Sorry, we’re having trouble with your request.’ Reload the page and try again.’

Why Does This Error Occur?

  • A bug in Firefox related to private browsing – The most common cause of this problem on both Windows and Mac is a Firefox bug related to private browsing, which ends up causing issues with various streaming clients including Netflix. In this case, closing the Private browsing window and reopening it in a normal window will resolve the problem. If you notice this problem on a regular basis, you should update Chrome to the most recent version available.
  • Firefox has cookies turned off – Another reason you may see this error code is if your Firefox browser is not configured to save persistent cookies (which Netflix requires). In this case, you can resolve the problem by going to the Privacy & Security settings menu in your Firefox browser and ensuring that it is set to save and store cookies.
  • Corrupted cookie data – However, even if you have cookies enabled in your browser, this problem can occur as a result of a cookie issue. This error code has been proven to be caused by incorrectly cached data. If this scenario applies, you should take a focused approach and clear the Netflix cookies to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Corrupted cached browser data – Under certain conditions (such as immediately following an AV scan), Netflix may trigger this issue due to an inconsistency in your browser cache. In this case, refreshing the Firefox browser should resolve the problem.

How To Solve This Error?

1. Turn Off Private Browsing

  • You are not alone if you receive the error code: f7053-1803 while streaming content from a private window in Firefox.
  • This exact issue has been reported by a large number of users, and Netflix even mentions it on their support page.
  • As it turns out, the issue arises because Firefox prevents certain data from being exchanged while in Private Mode.
  • Netflix will refuse to stream from Firefox’s Mode because it is stricter than Incognito (Google’s equivalent).
  • The solution in this case (on both Windows and Mac) is to simply disable private browsing and stream Netflix content from a regular window.
  • The purple icon indicates that you are currently in a Private window. If you see it, simply close the window, then open a regular Firefox window and try again.

2. Update Firefox

As it turns out, Mozilla is already aware of the issue and has issued a hotfix to address it. To take advantage of it, simply update your Firefox browser to the most recent version available.

Several affected users who were previously experiencing the F7053 1803 error have confirmed that updating Firefox to the most recent version has successfully resolved the error. This has been confirmed to work on both Windows and macOS.

If you’ve already attempted to stream Netflix content from a regular window (rather than a Private Window), follow the steps below to update your Firefox build to the most recent version:

  • Open Firefox and select the action button in the top-right corner.
  • Click Help, then About Firefox, from the newly appeared context menu.
  • Wait for the initial scan to complete in the About Firefox window before checking to see if a new Firefox version is ready to be installed.
  • If a new update is discovered, click Restart to update Firefox to begin the update process.
  • Open Netflix after your browser has restarted to see if the problem has been resolved.

3. Enabling Cookies

A lot of Netflix streaming issues are caused by a cookie problem. This occurs because the streaming service is conditioning the use of cookies regardless of the browser you’re using. As it turns out, another fairly common scenario that may result in the F7053 1803 error is when your browser is set to ‘forget’ history and cookies.

In this case, you should be able to resolve the issue by going to Firefox’s Privacy & Security menu and selecting Remember history.

  • Open your Firefox browser and select the menu option (upper right corner).
  • Then, from the newly displayed context menu, select Options.
  • Once inside the Options menu, select Privacy & Security from the left-hand vertical menu.
  • Next, navigate to the right-hand menu, then scroll all the way down to History and select Remember History from the drop-down menu below.
  • When prompted, click Restart Firefox Now and wait for the browser to restart.
  • Check to see if the problem has been resolved after the next startup.

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