G Box Q Update: How To Update And Install – Full Tutorial 2022

Because this update is very intensive, it will necessitate multiple steps to complete the upgrade. You will be prompted to update your device to the latest 2.0 update if you haven’t already. If you choose to install this update, your device will reboot and install the first stage of 2.0, which includes Android 5 Lollipop.

Following the initial firmware update, your device will receive two smaller updates to migrate the launcher data and update the apps on your device. This is the second phase of the firmware update, and it will be applied to your device within 24 hours of the first.

How To Update G Box?

G Box Q Update
  • Once downloaded, the firmware availability message appears. Again, you may want to say “No” at first and perform the update when it will have the least impact on operations or select “Yes” to proceed.
G Box Q Update
  • “Installing system update” should take between 2 and 5 minutes.
G Box Q Update
  • In most cases, “Android is starting” will take 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Once Android has started, Auto Start and Stay should automatically launch the Urgentq app after 2 minutes.
G Box Q Update
  • The G-Box will most likely take a few minutes to connect to the network, but if the messages “Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped” and “The device is experiencing Network issues” appear, Wifi may need to be enabled in Settings.
G Box Q Update
  • Network settings can be found in Settings under the General tab.
G Box Q Update
  • If Wifi is turned off in Network settings, select the “Please turn on Wifi” option.
G Box Q Update
  • To enable Wifi, select “On.”
  • Return to the UrgentQ app (either by pressing the escape key on the keyboard or by pressing the Home Button on the remote to return to the main menu, then select All Apps, arrow down to the bottom row, then right arrow over to and select UrgentQ app), and the Wait Room Screen should now appear.
  • Once the firmware update is installed and the WiFi is turned on, the G-Box should function normally; however, Matricom states that “your device will receive two smaller updates to migrate the launcher data and update the apps that are installed on your device,” so it may briefly reboot itself in the 48 hours following the initial firmware update.
  • A G-Box with the updated firmware Version 2.0 will briefly display a new Matricom logo upon startup when rebooted to install additional updates or powercycled (turning the device off, then on, or removing and replacing the power cable from the back of it).

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And that’s all there’s to it. We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any queries, leave them in the comments so we can back to you. You can also approach the official Matricom support resources.

We wish you the best of luck!

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