How To Join Goth Clique In Bitlife? [Complete Guide]

Bitlife is a text-based simulation game in which players can live out a virtual life. The decisions made by the player can have a significant impact on the lives of their characters. Cliques are an important part of the game’s education process. In Bitlife, players can join a clique of their choice to meet other people who share their interests. Players attempting to join the Goth Clique are frequently rejected because they are unaware of the requirements for this Bitlife clique. There are currently 18 cliques available for players to join in the game. Each club has its own set of requirements that players must meet before they can join. Some of these requirements are straightforward. To join the Popular Kids clique, players must have a high level of popularity. Players in the Brainy Kids clique must have a high Intelligence and grade. Other cliques’ requirements, on the other hand, can be quite ambiguous. Today, we’ll go over how players can join the Bitlife Goth Clique.

How Do I Join Bitlife’s Goth Clique?

Some requirements must be met by players who want to join the Goth Clique. The following are the basic requirements for joining the club:

  • Popularity: Low
  • Looks: Low
  • Happiness: Low

If a Bitlife player obtains all three, they will be easily accepted into the Goth Clique. However, doing so can be difficult in the game, especially if you have a well-balanced or high-stat character. Low looks are the most difficult stat to get right in the game. If the assigned character has high looks, there isn’t much a player can do to reduce those stats. While an injury can reduce a character’s appearance, injuries occur as a result of random events in the game. For Bitlife players, rerolling until they get a character with low looks is the best way to join the Goth Clique.

Furthermore, players with God Mode activated can simply lower their appearance as needed.

The remaining two requirements are simpler to complete in the game. Being rejected for Cliques in Bitlife can reduce both happiness and popularity. Characters with moderate popularity can apply for Cliques such as the Popular Kids, Mean Girls (Female characters only), or Jocks to reduce their popularity (Male characters only). Remember that the character’s popularity should be moderate, as high-profile characters will be accepted in these Cliques. Furthermore, being rejected from Cliques can reduce happiness.

When players have low popularity, looks, and happiness, it is simple to join the Bitlife Goth Clique.

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