[10 Easy Steps] How To Fix Hoverboard One Side Not Working?

One minute you’re gliding through the park, the next your hoverboard breaks down and refuses to start. Several issues arise with our hoverboards, particularly when they are used frequently. One of the most common problems is that one side of your hoverboard works while the other does not. Every hoverboard owner has experienced this at some point.

Here’s how you can fix it if you don’t want to pay for the repairs.

Why Does This Problem Occur?

If you have a problem with one side of your hoverboard working but not the other, don’t move, and don’t panic.

  • This is most likely one of the best hoverboard problems.
  • It would be even worse if both sides of the hoverboard were not working, which could be caused by a faulty gyroscope, a faulty motherboard, or a faulty wheel motor.
  • In most cases, when only one side of the hoverboard fails to function, the cause of the problem is a faulty gyroscope.
  • To solve the problem of one side of the hoverboard not working, make sure you replace your gyroscope with a perfect replacement.

How To Fix This Problem?

  • To begin resolving this issue, you must first determine the type of gyroscope your hoverboard has.
  • A gyroscope is classified into two types: male gyroscopes and female gyroscopes.
  • Some boards typically have no motherboard and two gyroscopes, one of which serves as the motherboard. This is a rare occurrence.
  • You have a male gyroscope if you see two receiving ports and one wire harness leaving the board.
  • In contrast, if your board has three or four receiving ports and no wire harness exiting the board, you have a female gyroscope.
  • Here’s a visual representation of the two types of gyroscopes.
  • It is critical that you replace your faulty gyroscope with one of the same types.
  • So, before you order a replacement, make sure you open your hoverboard and identify the type of gyroscope it has.
  • Furthermore, the color of your gyroscope is unimportant when purchasing one. You can buy it in the same color as the mainboard or in a different color.
  • When you need to repair your hoverboard, it is advisable and recommended that you order a gyroscope replacement from Amazon or AliExpress.

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Don’t be concerned if one side of your hoverboard fails to function and your device fails to balance. It’s most likely that your gyroscope isn’t in good working order.

Open up your hoverboard to determine the type of gyroscope (male or female) it employs.

Then, order a replacement on Amazon (recommended) or Aliexpress, and your hoverboard will be back up and running in no time.

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