[Answered] How Do I Know If My Flash Player Is Up To Date?

Because exploit kits are increasingly targeting Flash vulnerabilities in order to distribute malware on vulnerable computers, it is critical to use the most recent version. Here’s how to check your current Adobe Flash version and, if necessary, update it.

How To Check Your Flash Player Version?

By clicking on the “Check Now” button, Adobe will show you which version is currently loaded in your browser.

Access the page here

How Do I Know If My Flash Player Is Up To Date

Google Chrome comes with its own version of Flash that is automatically updated. Just make sure you’re running the most recent version of Chrome.

How To Enable Automatic Updates On Flash?

How Do I Know If My Flash Player Is Up To Date
  • Flash can be set to automatically download and install updates.
  • Open the Control Panel and then the Flash Player menu item on Windows.
  • Then select the Advanced tab. If the update options are grayed out on your recent Windows system,
  • Click the Change Update Settings button.
  • Finally, choose whether to install updates automatically or to receive notifications when updates become available.
How Do I Know If My Flash Player Is Up To Date

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The flash player allows users to access a variety of applications. It is a time-tested tool that has been popular for a very long time. knowing the version of your Flashplayer is important as an outdated version may not be able to defend against viruses. Following the steps above will allow you to both check the version of your flash player, as well as update it automatically.

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