[Solved] How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me On Textnow?

We are all aware that the text now the app has numerous features that are appropriate for the needs of its users. One of them is blocking your reader now account’s contacts.

It is entirely possible for a user to disable all of their communications in order to avoid receiving calls and messages from that specific number. The topic of today’s article is how to tell if someone has blocked your text now number.

We have provided some easy methods to check whether your number has been blocked. Let us take a look:

How To Know If Your Number Is Blocked On Textnow?

Assume you met someone and got along well with them. What will you do next? You will exchange phone numbers and begin communicating with one another. But what if you don’t receive any calls or messages from that person right away? The first thing that comes to mind is, did they block me?

We’ve provided three options for determining whether or not someone has blocked you. You can also determine this query if you carefully examine all of these factors.

  • Send text messages to the text now number.
  • observe how quickly you get responses to voicemails.
  • Call from a different phone number.

By putting all three solutions to the test, you can quickly determine whether or not that person has blocked you. It’s now time to get into the specifics of each aspect:

Sending Text Messages:

Initially, you will attempt to send text messages to that phone number. If you are receiving very few texts from that number,

  • You will most likely receive notification that your text message has been delivered to the recipient. You might also see the “read” option. If not, that should be self-explanatory.
  • As a result, you can quickly determine whether or not someone has blocked you.

Responses To Voicemails:

  • If you have been blocked, the time it takes to receive a voicemail is brief. For example, you can hear the voicemail notification after only one ring.
  • Calling someone who has been blocked may result in a few other notifications. For example, “the person you are calling is not reachable” or “the person you are attempting to contact is currently busy.”

Calling From A Different Phone Number:

  • This is the most dependable and efficient method. Make a call from another number and see if anyone answers the phone.
  • You can also guess how many ringtones you’re listening to.

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There is no software or “hack” that you can use to check if your number has been blocked. You can only use these practical methods provided above to make a guess. Also, if the person concerned is someone you know, and meet on daily basis, then you should simply ask them if they’ve blocked you.

if you have any queries regarding the methods we have provided, or a suggestion, please leave a comment.

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