How To Charge Laptop In Car? [Gadgets Used]

Today I am back with another post on How to Charge your laptop in the car? Going on a road trip but can’t leave your laptop at home? Or perhaps you need to complete an assignment while attending college. In any case, let’s look at a few options for charging a laptop while on the go.

Laptops were traditionally charged using a wall-mounted AC charger. Modern laptops, on the other hand, come with a variety of charging options. You can now easily charge your laptop inside a car. Let’s look at how.

Can I Use The Car Outlet To Charge My Laptop?

Of course, but you’ll need the proper laptop accessories. A USB Type-C adapter or an AC inverter may be required for the 12V power outlet. This will be explained further down in the post.

Modern vehicles have built-in USB ports for charging your devices. However, it will only work with your laptop if it can charge via USB (type-C).

Charge Your Laptop With A USB-C Cable

The majority of modern laptops include a USB-C charging port. Furthermore, many modern laptops lack a dedicated charging port. They must be powered via the USB-C port. The charging port has also been removed from modern Macbooks in favor of the standard Type-C port.

If your laptop has a USB-C port, you can easily charge it in your car.

Utilize The Car’s USB Ports


Nowadays, many automobiles include built-in USB-A or USB-C ports. If your vehicle has one, all you need is a compatible cable to charge your laptop.

Make Use Of The 12V Power Outlet

If your vehicle lacks built-in USB ports, you can use the 12V cigarette lighter socket. Plugin a USB adapter and connect your laptop with a USB-C cable.

A Power Bank Can Be Used To Charge Your Laptop

If your laptop supports USB-C charging, you can also use a Power Bank to charge it. Simply connect your laptop to the power bank via a Type-C cable, and your laptop should begin charging immediately.

One disadvantage is that the charging speed will be slow. Unless the output current of your power bank is sufficiently high. We recommend Anker’s Notebook Power Bank. Its 45W USB-C port is powerful enough to charge a laptop at full speed.

Using An Inverter To Charge Your Laptop

If you have an older laptop that does not have USB-C ports, you will need to use an inverter in conjunction with the original laptop charger.

First, get a power inverter for your car. This device converts the outlet’s 12V DC current to 110V AC current. You can now charge your laptop while on the go by plugging your laptop charger into the inverter.

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Q:1 Will charging my laptop drain the battery in my car?

Most likely, no. Yes, if your engine is turned off and you’ve been charging your laptop for an extended period of time. Unless you’re gaming or doing other resource-intensive tasks, your laptop doesn’t use much power. Furthermore, when the engine is running, the alternator in the car automatically charges the battery. So charging your laptop is normally safe. Just be cautious when your engine is turned off. You don’t want to drain your car battery while you’re out and about.

Q:2 How long can a car battery keep a laptop running?

A typical car battery has a capacity of more than 50 amp-hours (or 600 Watt-hours). When the engine is turned off, the battery can power a typical laptop (60W) for more than 10 hours while still allowing the engine to start.

It is recommended that you start the engine every 3-4 hours for 30 minutes so that the alternator can charge the battery.

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