How To Check If Macbook Is Stolen?

Hey Friends, Today we are going to tell, How to Check If Your Mac-book is stolen?: If you can’t afford a brand new MacBook that costs a thousand dollars (or more), you’re probably looking to buy a used MacBook. However, before proceeding, you should ensure that the used laptop you intend to purchase is not stolen. Why do you inquire? Because purchasing stolen laptops can have serious ramifications.

What happens if you purchase a stolen MacBook:

If you buy a stolen MacBook and are unaware that it is stolen, you must return it to the rightful owner. You will not be charged, but you will lose your money. You would be considered an accessory to the crime if you knew the MacBook was stolen and still purchased it.

But how do you know if a MacBook has been stolen, and how do you avoid purchasing a stolen laptop? Continue reading to find out!

How Can You Tell If Your Mac Has Been Stolen?

You can tell if a MacBook has been stolen by comparing the serial number on the back lid to the one in About this Mac. Alternatively, you can contact Apple with its serial number to see if it has been reported stolen.

Also, try entering its serial number into to see if the Activation Lock is turned off. If the serial number matches and the iCloud Activation Lock is turned off, the MacBook has not been stolen.

If you purchase a MacBook from a pawnshop, a random seller, or through websites such as eBay or Craigslist, You are more likely to purchase a stolen product if the price is too low. These sellers entice buyers by selling stolen MacBooks for pitiful prices. Naturally, not all of them are stolen. However, the possibility of them being stolen devices remains.

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How to Check If Your Mac Has Been Stolen?

  • Request a purchase receipt from Apple and double-check the buyer’s name on it. You can obtain a copy of the person selling the MacBook and compare the names to ensure he is the original owner.
  • If the serial number on your laptop is visibly scratched, it could have been stolen.
  • Check with your local law enforcement to see if any stolen MacBooks have been reported and if yours is one of them.

If it is discovered that your MacBook is a stolen device, you must turn it in, and the police will locate its original owner. If the original owner is not found and no one claims it, you will be able to have it returned to you.

In any case, no one will return your money unless you sue and win the person who sold it to you. Continue reading to find out if Apple tracks stolen serial numbers.

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How Do I Avoid Purchasing a Stolen Laptop?

Check the laptop serial number with Apple, request the original purchase receipt from the seller, check with online theft registries and local authorities, and ensure that the seller knows the firmware password. People selling laptops at absurdly low prices are a red flag for stolen goods.

Buying a stolen MacBook with knowledge can result in a misdemeanour charge of Possession of Stolen Goods. However, if you were unaware that the MacBook had been stolen, you must contact your local law enforcement to have it returned to the original owner. You will not be prosecuted, but you will be fined.

How to Avoid Purchasing a Stolen Laptop

  1. Enter the serial number of the MacBook into Apple’s website to see if it is eligible for AppleCare. This allows you to compare the serial number and actual purchase date of the laptop to what the seller claims.
  2. Do not be taken in by the “great prices” offered by auction sites. These low prices appear to be unreal. So, inquire as to why the laptop is being sold at such a low price.
  3. Do not purchase a locked MacBook.
  4. Check the serial number of the MacBook with online theft registries such as powermax, stolen computers, and similar other websites.
  5. Before purchasing a MacBook, make sure it is not locked when connected to the internet. Don’t buy it if the seller won’t let you test it.

Following these guidelines will prevent you from receiving a stolen laptop.

Is Apple aware of stolen serial numbers?

Apple claims that it cannot track any stolen item using its serial number. Because serial numbers are intended for device identification rather than tracking. It can be found if Find My Mac/iPhone is enabled on that MacBook/iPhone. You can’t find it if it wasn’t set up.

The best thing you can do if your Apple product is stolen, according to Apple’s guide, is to report it to local law enforcement. You can also try providing the product’s serial number to databases that keep track of stolen devices. When someone purchases a stolen/lost product, they will be notified.

Aside from that, contact Apple and request that a note be created in your Apple account about the stolen device and its serial number. When that device is brought to an Apple Store for repair and the employees enter its serial number, they will know it is a stolen device.

To accomplish this, you must specifically request that an Apple Support representative make this note. Water damage, in addition to the loss of your device, can cost you hundreds of dollars.

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