How To Create Your Own Blog Within 5 Minutes in 2022 For Free

Blogging is evolving day by day. This will evolve more in 2022. For whatever reasons it may be like publishing news, interacting with the world, sharing your own thoughts, etc. you need to have your own blog. So, it becomes important to know how to create your own blog in 2022.  In this post, we will show you ways to create your own blog within 5 minutes in 2022.

How To Create Your Own Blog Within 5 Minutes in 2022 For Free

To be fair, there are 2 ways in which you can create your own blog.

1. By using your own domain and hosting service.

2. By using a blogging platform.

Buying your own domain and hosting service costs you some money. In this post own main focus is to create a blog for free and showing you to create your own blog within 5 minutes in 2022 for free. So, let us stick to the blogging platforms that let you create your own blog for free.

Using Blogging Platforms To Create Your Own Blog For Free

There are 2 main blogging platforms that are present on the web:

1. 1st is the blogging platform provided by Google known as “Blogger”.

2. 2nd is the platform provided by WordPress.

So, you must be asking yourself now which platforms suit your need. Search the web for Blogger vs. WordPress, you will get 100s of results.

Let me tell you the answer to this question specifically. So, if you are just into writing posts and not more into the look and feel then Blogger may suit your need. But if you are into good user experience and making a professional-looking site with a good theme then the best choice in WordPress.

Creating Your Blog Within 5 Minutes On Blogger 2022

Follow these steps to create your own blog on Blogger within 5 minutes in 2022.

1. Make sure you have a Google account.

2. Go to Blogger and click on “Create Your Blog” or you may go with this link Blogger Blog, to go to the direct for blog creation page.

3. After, in the next window, you will be redirected on the Google Account page for log-in to your Gmail account, now you have to put your Gmail address and login password.

4. After login, you will redirected to the website.

5. On the next step, you need to choose name for your blog – you have 100 Characters to choose a perfect title for your blog.

6. Click on Next

7. Now, You have to choose the URL address of your blog and Click on Next.

8. That’s it, Congratulations your blog is ready.

Now the next screen comes will show like the above image.

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