How To Game Share Xbox [Detailed Guide]

You’d want to know how to gameshare on Xbox One if you knew your best friend had an amazing library of games on his Xbox console. Game Sharing on Xbox One saves you money on one end while also allowing you to share your console games on the other. You can share your library of games on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Let’s learn how to game share on Xbox.

What Is Xbox Gamesharing?

As the name implies, game sharing on Xbox One allows you to access someone else’s Xbox library on your computer. Sign up for your Xbox One and make sure it is set to ‘Home XBox’ in the internal settings. This step is required so that other Xbox One accounts do not interfere with the game sharing feature.

You can designate one Xbox as the primary console in Home Xbox. Now, anyone who signs into this account can access the entire library you own. Right? Let us look at how to game share on Xbox below.

The steps for an Xbox game share are outlined below. (Setup of Xbox One Game Share):-

  • Log in to the console. Press the Xbox button on the controller to access the guide. Scroll to the left until you reach the ‘Sign In’ tab. Select the ‘Add New’ option here.
  • Enter your friend’s Xbox account’s email address or phone number, as well as their password. You can also let him sign in.
  • A privacy statement is shown. Choose ‘Next’ here.
  • Open the Guide by pressing X on the controller once more.
  • Now, move your RB and select Settings. Go to General > Personalization > My home Xbox from here. And then choose to Make this my home Xbox.
  • After opening the home screen, navigate to My Game & Apps to access all of your friend’s games.

Similarly, ask your friend to do the same on his Xbox One console, and both of you will be able to gameshare on Xbox One.

Gameshare is a great feature which will allow you to save money while playing your favourite games. If you found this guide helpful please consider sharing.

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