How To Hack Pldtfibr Using A Laptop: Quick And Easy Method

Pldt Wifi is simple to hack if you know how to use the tools available; these tools and apps must be downloaded onto your smartphones or tablets. If you know some tricks, you can connect to a PLDT router using a PLDT wifi hacker. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy to do.

Note: It is not hacking, but it will only display passwords that have not been changed from the default password on an Android phone ( Exclude Galaxy Young )

Important: Manual Hacking

If the wifi’s name is PldtMyDSL XXX or if the wifi’s name includes the customer’s name, you can proceed with manual hacking (VIA BSSID)

BSSID: 34:cd:be:dd:99:6a
Just add PLDTWIFI + last 5 digit of BSSID (note wag isama ang “:”)
Manual hacking of password: PLDTWIFId996a

How To Hack Pldtfibr

Automatic Password Viewing

When the name of the wifi does not have a costume name, click the Wifi Name (PLDTMyDSL,PLDTHOME,ETC).

For The PC Version Manual Input Of A Password:

Download File- : Wifi 

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That concludes the guide on How to Properly Hack PLDT Wifi Password. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. And do share with your friends if you found this guide helpful.

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