How To Hide Best Friends On Snapchat

When you chat with someone on Snapchat for a long time, they become your best friend. In the conversation section, you’ll see a heart emoji next to your Snapchat display name. For some people, this feature can be advantageous, but for others, it might be aggravating.

To delete someone from your Snapchat best friends list, you can stop chatting and sending messages to them, modify their friend emojis, block and unblock them, or remove and re-add them to your friend list.

Following the steps outlined above, you should be able to remove the best friend heart emoji from your list with ease. But what will happen if you do that, and is hiding best friends on Snapchat really necessary?

What Happens When Someone Is on Your Snapchat Best Friends List?

The best buddy emoji occurs when you’ve been chatting with someone for a long time. So, next to your username, you’ll see a red heart icon that will vary from time to time.

When you talk with someone for one week, all you will see next to your username is a smiley emoji. When it’s been two weeks since you started chatting, the emoji will change to a yellow heart.

You’ll notice a red heart after two weeks, indicating that Snapchat has reconsidered you two as close best friends. However, if you communicate with that individual for more than four weeks (1 month), you will see a double-pink heart emoji appear (Super Bestfriend).

What happens if someone is on your Snapchat best friends list?

You will only see heart emoji beside your username if you are best friends with someone or a close buddy. Aside from that, the “Bestfriend” function on Snapchat is useless.

If someone looks at your Snapchat chat area or friend list, they will notice that you have been conversing with that individual for quite some time. When you’re conversing with a lady rather than a man, it’s easy to be sceptical.

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What Is the Best Way to Get Snapchat Best Friends Emoji?

You must talk with that individual for a long period in order to earn a Bestfriend emoji next to your Snapchat username. To put it another way, send and receive a message with someone every day for more than two weeks without taking a day off. After that, a heart icon will appear next to your Snapchat display name.

However, keep in mind that the heart emoji may vary from time to time depending on your chatting session. The more time you spend chatting, the more heart emoji you’ll see.

How long does it take for someone to be removed from your Snapchat Best Friends List?

To remove someone from your Snapchat best friends list, you must stop interacting with them for nearly a month. However, it also relies on the types of best friend emoji you’re using on Snapchat right now.

You’ll get four different sorts of Snapchat best friends emoji depending on how long you’ve been chatting. So, have a look at the chart below to see how long it takes someone to delete Snapchat best friends.

= 😁Smiley Emoji : If you see a 😁Smiley Emoji, you must cease communicating with that person for one week.

=πŸ’›Gold Heart: If you see a gold heart, you must refrain from conversing with anyone for one and a half weeks.

= πŸ’“Red Heart: If you see a red heart, you should avoid communicating with that person for at least two weeks.

= πŸ’•Double Pink Heart : If you see a double pink heart, it means you’ve been conversing with someone for more than a month.

How Do You Hide or Remove Someone From Your Snapchat Best Friends List?

To remove someone from your Snapchat Best Friends List, you must first refrain from conversing with them for nearly a month. After that, Snapchat will believe you are breaking up with someone and haven’t spoken to them in a long time.

You will no longer see the heart emblem on your Snapchat display name as a result of this.

However, if you need to remove somebody from your best friends list in a hurry or don’t have the time to wait weeks or months, there are other options available to you.

Aside from that, if you use the most recent version of Snapchat rather than an older version, you won’t have to hide your best friend because Snapchat will not display them publicly. The heart emblem of your best buddy is visible only to you, not to your friends.

However, if you don’t want to have a best friend in the current version of Snapchat as well as the oldest version, use the following ways.

Method 1: Stop chatting or sending text messages.

The first step in clearing your Snapchat best friends is to cease chatting or sending messages. It entails not speaking with a best friend for nearly two weeks, if not a month.

Snapchat will gradually deduct the amount of best friend time from your account if you cease sending chat messages. Even if someone sends you a message every day and you don’t respond, your best friend’s time will be reduced.

So, through chat messages, voice or video conversations, snaps, and other Snapchat features, cut off your connection with that individual for a lengthy time. Following that, no heart, double pink heart, yellow heart, or smiley emoji will appear next to your username.

But keep in mind that if you send a message during the pause time, you’ll have to restart the process from the beginning. There is no way Snapchat will accept your single message as an excuse and simply dismiss it.

Try Method 2 : Block & Unblock a Person

Blocking and unblocking a person is the second way you can use to remove someone from your bsf list.

When you block someone on Snapchat, all past chat messages, calling history, and the best friend love icon are removed. Additionally, that person will be removed from your chat list as well as your friend list.

So, if you don’t want to communicate to someone any longer, you can block and unblock them to remove them from your list of best friends.

Your friend will never know you’ve blocked them on Snapchat until you tell them. They will not be notified that they have been blocked. So you’re ready to go.

Note: If you wish to start a conversation after blocking and unblocking, you must first add a person. Furthermore, if you’re just getting started with someone you like or have just met, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. If necessary, log into your account.
  3. Then, on the bottom left side, next to the location indicator, press the chat icon.

4.Then, long-tap on a person’s name or chat.

5.Select “More” from the drop-down menu underneath the video call.

6.Then, to block that person on Snapchat, tap on the “Block” option.

7.Then, in the upper left corner of the screen, tap on your “Profile picture” symbol.

8.From the upper right corner, press the “Settings” gear icon.

9.Scroll down and pick “Blocked” from the drop-down menu.

10.Finally, touch the “X” icon on the right side of the individual.

You’ve successfully removed someone’s best friend from Snapchat in this manner.

However, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of blocking and re-adding a person, proceed to the following way.

Method 3: Swap out your friends’ emojis

You can alter friend emojis in the Snapchat settings section if you want to remove someone from your bsf list without blocking them.

To put it another way, you can replace the best buddy emoji or heart icon in your chat display name with any other emoji. You can use any emoji from your mobile keyboard’s emoji selection.

As a result, whenever you see the heart icon as a “Best Friend” symbol, simply modify or convert it to another emoji. No one on Snapchat will know what the emoji means this way.

It’s also an excellent method to deceive folks into thinking you’ve been conversing with someone for a long time.

So, to alter the Snapchat best friends symbol or icon, follow the simple instructions below.

1.Open the Snapchat app on your phone.

2.From the upper left corner of the screen, tap the “Profile” symbol.

3.Then, in the upper right corner, hit the “Settings” gear icon to access all Snapchat settings and personalise the section.

4.Select the “Customize Emojis” option under Who Can… now.

5.After that, select the friend emojis you wish to transform into new emojis.

6.Simply pick an emoji from the list at random.

7.Finally, save the changes by tapping the arrow in the upper left corner.

You’ve now successfully removed someone from your list of best friends without blocking them.

You can also alter the emojis “Super BFF,” “BFF,” “BFs,” “Mutual Besties,” “Mutual BFs,” and “Snapstreaks!” in this way.

Remove and re-add a person Method 4

Removing and re-adding a person is the fourth way for removing someone from your Snapchat best friends list.

When you remove someone from Snapchat, all of the items that are associated between you and that person are permanently erased. Chat messages, snaps or video, calling history, friend emoji, snap streaks, and other features are unavailable.

However, if you are unable to locate a person after unfriending, you may encounter some difficulties. Because most people don’t use their real names, it’s tough to search through usernames.

On the other hand, if you are entirely familiar with that individual and eliminating them would not cause you any problems, you can go to the simple actions listed below.

Note: Keep track of a person’s username so you can find them easily later. Set up the “chat disappear after 24 hours” feature while you’re talking so the other person doesn’t realise you’ve eliminated them.

1.Open your Snapchat account.

2.From the bottom left, navigate to your conversation section.

3.Long-tap on a person’s display name to choose them.

4.Select the “More” option after that.

5.Finally, select “Remove Friend” from the drop-down menu.

After you’ve removed someone from your friend list, search for them in the search field. If you use their username, their profile will appear in the search results.

How Do You Quickly Make Someone Your #1 Snapchat Best Friend?

Within a day, make someone your best friend on Snapchat, then communicate with them nonstop for three days. Sending and receiving a message continually for 24 hours will be even better.

However, this does not imply that you must send a message every minute. Simply take your time and communicate as usual using snaps, chat messages, emojis, or phone conversations.

Take no more than an hour’s break or pause your chat at any point. It is acceptable to take a short rest of 2-3 minutes, but not for more than that.

On the other hand, if you can have an interesting discussion with someone every minute for three days, you can easily become their best friend.

Furthermore, if you use this strategy for one month, you will have your Super best buddy.

How to Hide Best Friends Without Blocking Them on Snapchat

You can modify your Snapchat friends emojis, stop sending text messages, or erase and re-add a person from your account if you want to hide or remove your best friends without blocking them. So, simply scroll up and try out the solutions provided below.

What Happens When You Remove Someone From Your Snapchat Best Friends List?

When you remove someone from your Snapchat best friends list, nothing happens to your account. The best friend emoji is simply a symbol that suggests you’ve been chatting to someone for a long time (every day).

It makes no difference if you have a best friend or not. After you remove it, there will be no effect or modifications in your account.

So, instead of sending messages every minute to establish a best friend with someone, don’t put pressure on yourself to do so. It has the potential to irritate or bother that person, maybe leading to the loss of a friend.

On Snapchat, can we choose our best friends?

On Snapchat, you can’t pick your best buddies. That’s because if you talk to someone on Snapchat for months, days, or weeks, Snapchat will automatically declare them your best friend. So, if you want to make someone your Snapchat best buddy, keep sending text messages to that person every day for a month. You can choose your top Snapchat pals this way.

How Do I Modify My Snapchat Best Friend List?

So, if you don’t have a best buddy, you can locate someone to be your best friend. This is the simplest method for altering your best friend.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

On Snapchat, how many best friends can you have?

Snapchat allows you to have up to eight best friends.

Is it possible to alter the number of best friends on Snapchat?

Yes, you can easily alter your best friend’s number on Snapchat.

How can I change the emojis on Snapchat?

Simply go to settings>customize emojis and change the Snapchat emojis.

On Snapchat, how can you tell who someone’s best friend is?

You can’t know who someone’s best buddy is on Snapchat unless you explicitly search for them on their phone.

Is it possible to see who is Snapchatting?

No, Snapchat does not allow you to see who is conversing with whom.

The Final Words

When you’ve recently met someone, it’s enjoyable to communicate with them for hours or every day on Snapchat. However, some people may have issues if their parents or friends have a habit of looking for their Snapchat because of the friend icons.

So, to remove someone from your Snapchat best friends list, use the simple procedures listed above.

However, if you’re using the most recent version of the Snapchat app, others won’t be able to access your list of best friends. As a result, you don’t have to remove or delete it.

If you have any questions about Snapchat, please leave them in the comments area below.

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