[3 Easy Methods] How To Put Alexa In Pairing Mode And Connect To Wifi?

Amazon Echo smart speakers and displays can function as nerve centers in your home, connecting your smart devices and orchestrating their actions with simple phrases or complex routines. However, getting Alexa to cooperate with your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networks or devices can be difficult, especially when decoding different color codes on your smart speaker.

Over the years, I’ve set up dozens, if not hundreds, of smart devices, and having a clear set of instructions makes a huge difference. So, here’s how to connect Alexa to pretty much anything.

How to Connect To Wifi?

Follow the steps provided below to connect your Alexa to Wifi:

  • Your smart displays and speakers should walk you through connecting to Wi-Fi the first time you boot them up, but if you misplaced the instructions or need to reconnect a device, here’s how.
  • Open the Alexa app and select Devices on the bottom right, followed by Echo & Alexa on the top right.
  • Select the device to which you want to connect Wi-Fi, then click Status to see which Wi-Fi network it is currently connected to.
  • Choose the blue Change button next to the Wi-Fi Network.
  • Then, on your device, press and hold the action button (the button with the dot in the center).
  • Your device’s light should turn orange and begin spinning. This puts your device in setup mode, and it should even say, “Now in configuration mode. Follow the steps in your Alexa app.” Continue should be selected.
  • Choose your Alexa device from the list, followed by your Wi-Fi network. Finally, enter your Wi-Fi password and press the Connect button.

Connecting To Wifi Without The App

Follow these instructions to connect to wifi without the app:

  • To connect Alexa to Wi-Fi without the app, go to alexa.amazon.com and sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to Settings > Set Up a New Device. Choose the Alexa device to connect to Wi-Fi from the list.
  • Tap the Continue button.
  • The next step is to put your device in pairing mode.
  • Begin by plugging your device into an electrical outlet.
  • Wait for the blue light to turn orange (about a minute) before clicking Continue.
  • You must now connect to its network. Navigate to your computer’s or phone’s Wi-Fi settings and select the network with the name Amazon-XXX.
  • Return to the Amazon Alexa page, and you should see the message “Your computer is connected” to your Alexa device (excellent, you’re almost done!).
  • Tap the Continue button. Finally, choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want Alexa to connect and enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • Your Alexa device is now connected. If you’re not sure if the setup was successful, ask Alexa a question.

How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth?

Follow these instructions to connect Alexa to Bluetooth and to put it in pairing mode:

  • OK, maybe you just want to connect your phone to your smart speaker to use it as a speaker. It’s similar to connecting to Wi-Fi the first time, but it gets easier.
  • Before connecting any devices, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. To test, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth. Switch Bluetooth on. Let us now discuss connecting to another device.
  • To begin, launch the Alexa app and select Devices, then Echo & Alexa. Tap Bluetooth Devices after selecting the device you want to use. Select Pair A New Device. The Echo will search for available devices to pair with and display a list of them. Select the one you want to use by tapping it. Once paired, you’ll be able to cast your favorite music or podcasts to the smart speaker or display by activating Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Now that your Bluetooth is turned on and connected, you can connect using voice commands in the future. Simply say “Alexa, connect to [your device]” or “Alexa, disconnect from [your device]” to connect or “Alexa, disconnect from [your device]” to disconnect.

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And that was all about connecting Alexa to Bluetooth and connecting it to wifi. Is there anything else you’d like to connect with? Or do you have any tips for people who are just getting started with Alexa? Or maybe you have a question about this article? If any of these are true in you case, leave a comment below.

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