How To Revert To Old Google Calendar On Your Device [ 6 Easy Steps]

After the recent update, the interface of the new calendar is quite different. Although updates are good for the software, you might be missing the old classic google calendar. In this guide, we will discuss how to revert back to the old calendar on your device.

Issues With The New Version

There are a few reasons why you’d want to revert back to an old version:

  • You don’t need Gmail events or pictures; you need a calendar.
  • your week is seven days long, not five, and you hate having to switch to landscape mode every time the month view disappears.
  • you rely heavily on the zoom function.
  • The bars on the upper and left borders, as well as the “all day events” bar, have grown so large that the rest of the calendar is too small to see anything.

6 Easy Steps To Revert To The Old Version

Follow these steps to revert to an older version:

  1. Open Google Calendar in your web browser on your PC.
  2. Open Settings from the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to the Calendars card.
  4. Import Calendars should be selected. ICS or CSV files can be extracted from an exported ZIP file.
  5. Select the exported file associated with your calendar by clicking Choose file.
  6. Select Import.

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Now you should have the older version of the calendar. It is good to update apps but sometimes you just get used to a type of interface. We hope you liked the guide. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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