[2 Easy Methods] How To Screenshot In Laptop Acer Guide 2022?

Taking a screenshot is the most important task for Acer laptop users, especially when you are experiencing an error and want to resolve it with the help of others. In that case, you must show the exact error image so that the other person can easily provide you with the necessary feedback to resolve the error. Other advantages include including screenshot images in your document report, saving QR code screenshots for later use, and much more.

How To Take A Screenshot?

There are several methods to take a screenshot on an Acer laptop. Let us discuss them now:

Method 1: Using The PrntSc key On Your Acer Laptop

The PrntSc key is used on the laptop to take a screenshot, and you can use it to take a screenshot on your Acer laptop in a second. This key will capture the entire screen image.

Method 2: Using The Snipping Tool

It is another simple method for Acer laptop users who use the Windows operating system. Snipping Tool is a built-in Windows application that enables users to easily capture screenshots on their laptops.

How To Screenshot In Laptop Acer

Select the snipping tool

How To Screenshot In Laptop Acer

To take a screenshot, select “New” and then select your desired screenshot area to finish the process.

Then you can easily save the screenshot.

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Capturing a screenshot is an important function of any laptop. If you want to capture a screenshot on your Acer, then following this guide will easily allow you to do so.

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