[Answered] How To Strikethrough On Google Docs In Mac And PC?

If you’re writing a document in Google Docs and want to replace a few words but not completely delete them, you can use the strikethrough formatting option. In this article, we’ll show you how to use strikethrough in Google Docs, including how to do it on a Mac and a PC, as well as why you might want to strike through rather than delete text.

What Is Strikethrough?

Strikethrough is a font effect that inserts a horizontal line through the center of a word or phrase in your document. The strikethrough line does not obscure the content beneath it, so the reader can still see the words you’ve highlighted.

How To Strikethrough?

1. From Menu Bar

To access strikethrough from the menu bar of a PC or a Mac, follow these steps.

  • Your text should be highlighted:

Choose the text where you want the strikethrough to appear. If you want to select multiple, non-adjacent parts of your document, repeat these steps for each section where you want to apply a strikethrough.

  • Choose “Format” from the menu bar:

The menu bar is located at the top of your document. It has file, edit, view, insert, format, tools, add-ons, and help options. If you’re in full-screen mode, your menu and formatting bar may be hidden, so press the escape key to bring them back into view.

  • Hover your mouse over “Text” in the drop-down menu:

A drop-down menu will appear with the option “text.” Hover over “text” to reveal an additional menu with “strikethrough” as an option.

How To Strikethrough On Google Docs
  • Choose “Strikethrough” from the following drop-down menu:

When you select “strikethrough,” it is applied to your text right away.

2. Through Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are button combinations that you can press on your keyboard to perform an action or task in a program.

They’re called shortcuts because pressing certain keys is usually faster than using your mouse to navigate through your computer or a specific software. Here’s how to use keyboard shortcuts to access strikethrough:

  • On a PC, use the Strikethrough keyboard shortcut:

On a PC, highlight the text that needs a strikethrough and press Alt + Shift + 5 at the same time.

  • On a Mac, use the Strikethrough keyboard shortcut:

If you’re using a Mac, highlight your text and press the + Shift + X buttons simultaneously.

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A Google Doc with multiple contributors is common so that everyone involved in a project has direct access to view and edit the document.

As a result, rather than deleting text, strike through it as you make changes so that others can compare your edits.

If you have any questions regarding the strikethrough feature, please let us know in the comments down below.

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