How To Take Screenshot On Chromebook: Easy Guide

During the pandemic, parents snatched up these low-cost laptops for their children, who were now taking classes from their kitchen tables or bedrooms. While demand has slowed in recent quarters, millions of Chromebooks are still in use, and chances are you don’t know much about these Chrome OS-based devices.

Take, for example, screenshots. Because Chromebooks are internet-connected laptops, there aren’t as many third-party screenshot tools available as there are for Windows or macOS. Chrome extensions abound, but the quickest way to capture what you see on your screen is to use the built-in tools in Chrome OS. This is how it works.

Take A Screenshot With The Keyboard Shortcut

Chrome OS has long supported a screenshot keyboard shortcut.

  • On your Chromebook, press the Shift + Ctrl + Show buttons (the Show window looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines next to it). In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, select Screenshot.
  • Choose whether you want to take a full-screen screenshot, a partial screenshot, or a window screenshot.
  • If you’re using an external keyboard that doesn’t have the Show button, press Shift + Ctrl + F5 to access the screenshot menu.

Take A Screenshot With The Screen Capture Tool

  • Google added a screen-capture tool to the Quick Settings menu on Chromebooks with the release(Opens in a new window) of Chrome OS 89 in March 2021.
  • Select Screen Capture from the Quick Settings menu at the bottom-right of your screen.
  • Check that what you want to capture is visible on your screen.
  • Choose whether you want to capture the entire screen, a single window, or just a portion of your screen in the tool that appears. Capture should be selected.

Where To Find Your Chromebook Screenshots?

Screenshots are copied to your clipboard automatically. They’ll also appear in Tote, a feature introduced with Chrome OS 89 that keeps important files at your fingertips. To access recent downloads, screen captures, and pinned files, open Tote from the Shelf.

Screenshots are also saved to your “Downloads” folder for later retrieval.

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Following this guide step by step will allow you to easily capture screenshots and find them on your Chromebook.

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