[7 Easy Steps] How To Turn Off Screen Overlay S6 Edge?

Screen Overlay Detected is currently one of the most vexing errors on Android Marshmallow devices, and it will continue to vex you until you find a permanent solution for How to turn off screen overlay settings? This post will go over how to disable Screen Overlay on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Before you can figure out How to Turn Off Screen Overlay S6, you should first understand what Screen Overlay is. As a result, you can permanently disable Screen Overlay on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

What Is This Error?

When you install a new app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you must grant certain permissions such as contact, storage, camera, and so on.

If a screen overlay error is detected while installing a new app on the S6, Note 4, a popup with the message “Screen Overlay Detected” will appear:

Screen Overlay Detected: 

To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Settings > Apps

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay?

You can disable Screen Overlay on the S6 by uninstalling certain applications such as Clean Master, AZ Video Recorder, or Night Mode, but this will not permanently disable screen overlay detection on the S6.

However, this solution is not permanent. to permanently solve this issue, follow the steps provided below:

  • Navigate to Settings. Scroll down to the Apps section.
  • Select Application Manager.
  • Click the More button in the upper right corner.
  • Apps that can appear at the top of the list should be chosen.
  • Again, select Show System Apps from the More menu.
  • The entire list of Screen Overlay Apps on your S6 will now be displayed.
How To Turn Off Screen Overlay S6 Edge
  • Now, turn off Screen Overlay for each app individually.
How To Turn Off Screen Overlay S6 Edge
turn off the screen overlay

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So these were the Screen Overlay Settings for all Samsung Devices, including the Samsung S5, S6, S7, J7, J5, J2, Note 4, Note 5, and all Samsung Devices.

I hope this helps you deal with the Screen Overlay Detected on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and that this error does not appear on your Samsung device in the future.

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