Hulu Error Code Metadata-2: How To Fix – Comprehensive Guide

Hulu error code runtime -2 is one of several Hulu playback failure codes that can appear when you try to stream movies, shows, or even live television from Hulu. These codes appear on an error screen that appears when video content in a Hulu app or the Hulu web player suddenly stops playing.

This type of issue can sometimes be resolved by simply reloading the video, but it usually necessitates more effort.

How Does This Error Appear?

When this error occurs, you will typically see the following message:

Playback Failure
Hulu Error Code: runtime-2-xxxxxxxx
Unique Error ID: runtime-2-xxxxxxxx
  • The eight-character alphanumeric sequence that follows runtime-2 is specific to your playback failure, so write it down in case you need to provide it to Hulu customer service.
  • The remainder of the message may differ slightly from failure to failure, but all instances of Hulu error code runtime-2 require you to check and correct similar issues.

Causes Of This Error

  • Runtime errors occur when a program crashes, and Hulu runtime error 2 is most commonly caused by a sudden failure of the Hulu app or web player.
  • In most cases, updating your Hulu app and streaming device, clearing the local cache, and resetting your device will resolve the problem.
  • In less common cases, Hulu runtime-2 error codes can be caused by a network or connection issue, a problem with Hulu’s servers, or a compatibility issue between your streaming device and the Hulu app, which will necessitate a fix from Hulu or the manufacturer of your streaming device.

How To Fix This Error?

Follow these steps in order to resolve Hulu error code runtime -2. If Hulu starts working at any point, you can exit the list and return if the error occurs again later.

  • Check that your Hulu app is up to date. Because runtime errors are most commonly caused by a problem with the Hulu app, updating your app will frequently resolve this issue. Some devices do this automatically, but if one is available and the system hasn’t checked yet, you may be able to force an immediate update.
  • Check to see if your streaming device is up to date. There’s also a chance that your streaming device’s manufacturer has already addressed the issue you’re having. Streaming devices typically check for system updates automatically, but most of them also allow you to check for updates manually. You can, for example, manually update the Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Fire Cube.
  • Clear the cache on your browser or device. A faulty data in the local device cache can also result in a Hulu runtime error.
  • Remove and reinstall the Hulu app. A runtime error can occur if the Hulu app is corrupted or damaged in some way. To resolve this issue, uninstall the Hulu app from your streaming device and reinstall it from scratch.
  • Reopen and close your browser. You do not need to uninstall your web browser if you are experiencing this issue on a computer. Many times, simply closing and reopening the browser will resolve the issue. If an update for your browser is available, make sure to install it now.
  • Check that your system meets the Hulu system requirements. If you’re seeing this error on a computer, make sure it meets Hulu’s minimum system requirements. If your computer does not meet these requirements but you have access to another that does, see if Hulu works on that other computer.

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If you still get Hulu error code runtime -2 after following all of these steps, the issue is almost certainly on Hulu’s end. Hulu’s servers may be down, or there may be a compatibility issue between your Hulu app and streaming device that will necessitate Hulu to develop and release a fix.

At this point, you should contact Hulu customer support to see if they are aware of the issue and provide the entire unique runtime error code to aid in their diagnostic process. While they are unlikely to be able to provide immediate assistance, they may be unaware of the problem, so your input could help speed up the resolution.

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