[Answered] How Do I Fix The Identifix Login Issues?

Identifix is a website that provides vehicle diagnostics, factory-scheduled maintenance plans, and OEM service and repair information, as well as a database of vehicle symptoms, abbreviated tests, and confirmed solutions to help with the diagnostic process.

Please find the most important information about the Identifix portal, including the simplest way to sign in to your account.

How To Login To Identifix?

You do not need to create a new account if you are already a registered user; if you have forgotten your Email login ID or Password, you will sign in to your account by changing the password.

Have trouble logging into your Identifix account or using any of its premium features? You can contact the customer service team, read reviews, and the latest news, and get detailed information about Identifix.

  • Login to Identifix by clicking here.
  • As shown below, a login form includes the username, password, and captcha fields.
  • In the above Identifix new registration process, enter your username and then click the password, captcha, and login button.

How To Sign Up To Identifix Account?

In this section, I will walk you through the Identifix New User Registration / Identifix Sign Up Create New Account process.

  • Visit the Identifix website and click the Sign-Up button.
  • Enter your name, phone number or email address, and birth date. Then click Next.
  • The verification code was sent to you via text message or email. Then click Next.
  • You have now logged into your Identifix ID and can access all of its features.

How To Reset Password?

  • Click Forgot password? on the Identifix login page.
  • Enter the email address you used to set up your Identifix account.
  • Select Reset password.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Click Reset password in the email.
  • In the Confirm password field, enter your new password.
  • Click the Reset password button.
  • Return to your Identifix login page and enter your new password.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An App For Identifix?

This week, Identifix announced that its award-winning Direct-Hit online tool is now available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

How Much Does A Subscription Cost?

Identifix pricing begins at $179.0 per month. Identifix has only one plan: Direct-Hit is priced at $179.00 per month.

How To Cancel Subscription?

Personal information can be corrected, updated, deleted, or deactivated. Please contact us at 651.633.8007, 7 am-7 pm Central Time, Monday-Friday, or use our Contact Us page if your email, postal address, area code, or phone number change, or if you choose to discontinue using our service.

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In this guide, we have attempted to provide as much clarification about all things Identifix as possible. We hope you found this guide helpful, and all your questions were answered to your satisfaction.

If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments down below.

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