Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Not Working: Full Geshin Impact Quest Guide – 2022

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei is a Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Tale Quest. Learn about the quest location, how to unlock it, and the rewards, as well as the release date in this article. So keep reading if you want to know everything about this quest.

About Quest

Lantern Rite Tales includes Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei. This is a time-limited quest that can only be completed during the event. So, make an effort to complete this quest as soon as possible. You will also gain Festive Fever.

Quest Location And Unlocking Method

So how does one unlock this quest? The unlocking method, as well as the quest location, have been provided below:

Quest CategoryLantern Rite Quest
Quest LocationDunyu Ruins, Liyue
How To UnlockUnlocked at Lantern Rite Tales I

Quest Rewards

If players complete this quest, they can expect the following rewards:

Festive Fever100

Full Quest Walkthrough

Follow the steps provided below to complete this quest:

  • Approach Iron Ingot at the Quest location.
  • Travel to the quest point and photograph Liyue Harbor.
  • Continue on to the next location and take another photo of Liyue Harbor.
  • Speak with Iron Ingot and offer him Almond Tofu.
  • Travel to the final destination and meet Ziwei.

How To Take The Picture?

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Not Working
  • Use camera from the menu to take pictures.
  • When using the Kamera gadget, you cannot change the angle of the photo. Instead, use the menu’s photo function.

Almond Tofu

If you don’t have Almond Tofu, go to Wangshuu Inn. You can also make it with the ingredients listed below:

  • Milk x 3
  • Sugar x 1
  • Almond x 1

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And that brings us to the end of this article. To summarize, in this article, we covered the Genshin Impact quest “Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei”. A full walkthrough, along with information about the rewards as well as the location has been provided. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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