Is It Okay To Use iPhone While Charging

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iPhones are fantastic devices with excellent battery life, but can you use one while charging, or will it damage the device? Allow me to explain.

It is safe to use the iPhone while charging if you use an Apple-certified charging cable and power brick, but the charging rate will be slowed because energy from the charger will be used to operate the phone and the battery will be charged with the remaining power.

STOP using your iPhone if the back of your iPhone, where the battery is located, becomes warm to the touch while charging because your iPhone needs to release heat.

Continue reading to find out if it’s safe to play games while charging an iPhone and what happens if you do. Could the iPhone overheat if you play games while charging it?

Can I Play Games While charging an iPhone?

Playing games while charging an iPhone will, in general, reduce the maximum capacity of the battery over time, especially if you use non-certified Apple charging accessories. Resource-intensive programmes, such as editing or gaming, generate a lot of heat, which lithium-ion batteries dislike.

I do not recommend playing games while charging, but if you must, please use the following tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone while playing your favourite games.

5 Tips for keeping your iPhone’s battery healthy while gaming

1. Disable location services.

If you’re not using Apple or Google Maps location services, turn it off because it’s very battery-intensive. Games, with the exception of Pokémon GO, do not require location services to be enabled in order to function.

How to Disable Location Services:

Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Service. Choose an app, then toggle Precise Location on or off.

2. Disable Siri

While playing games on your iPhone, Siri consumes a lot of resources. allows you to stay connected to your iPhone without lifting a finger; it does not drain the battery and does not stop working while playing games. Turning off Siri is a great way to extend the life of your battery.

How to Disable Siri:

  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Siri and then Search.
  • Turn it off. Look for “Hey Siri.” Allow Siri When Locked by pressing the Side Button.
  • In the popup, tap Turn Off Siri.

3. Switch To Low-power Mode

Mode of low power consumption. Typically activates when your iPhone’s battery is less than 20% charged. Turning it off while gaming will improve the phone’s battery life.

Remember that turning off low power mode disables app notifications. and disables functions such as email retrieval, “hey Siri,” background app refreshing, and automatic downloads.

While Low Power Mode allows your iPhone to save battery life, some iPhone functions, such as email fetch, “Hey Siri,” background app refreshing, and automatic downloads, will be disabled. Siri’s low power mode is automatically deactivated if you use it.

To enable or disable low power mode Navigate to Settings > Battery. Control Center also allows you to toggle Low Power Mode on and off. To add Low Power Mode to Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then select Low Power Mode.

4. Dim the iPhone’s volume

Higher volume necessitates greater audio performance from the phone, which quickly drains the battery. As a gamer, I understand how important sound is for a great gaming experience, but if you use headphones like the AirPods.

Turning off the music equaliser reduces the strain on the battery. If your game does not require sounds, you can save even more battery by setting your phone to silent mode.

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There are a few other tricks you can use to keep your phone’s battery from draining. Some of these options are as follows:

5. Reduce the brightness

The displays on iPhones are stunning, but the higher the brightness levels, the greater the drain on the iPhone’s battery. I recommend using the auto-brightness feature to adjust your brightness to your surroundings. To do so, go to Settings > Accessibility. Select Display & Text Size, then Auto–Brightness.

Alternatively, use the brightness slider bar to adjust the brightness level to your liking.

Other ways to increase iPhone battery life while gaming

  • Don’t set your iPhone to vibrate.
  • Maintain iOS and all apps up to date.
  • When not in use, turn off Bluetooth.
  • When not in use, turn off Airdrop.
  • Turn on the aeroplane mode.

Everyone enjoys gaming on their iPhone, but be aware that the iPhone’s lithium-ion battery does not like the extreme heat produced by gaming.

What Happens If You Play Games on Your iPhone While Charging It?

Overall, playing games while charging an iPhone reduces the maximum capacity of the iPhone and increases the risk of overheating, especially when using non-Apple-certified charging cables and/or batteries.

So, what happens if you play games on your iPhone while it’s charging?

1. Your iPhone will become hot

Games are high-resource applications. If you notice the back of your iPhone is hot to the touch, stop playing immediately, put the iPhone to sleep, and let it cool down; otherwise, you risk serious damage to your device.

When playing games, especially HD video, your iPhone is likely to overheat. The iPhone usually dissipates.

2. Playing games reduces the charging rate

Have you ever timed how long it takes your phone to charge when it is turned on and off or when you use it? When turned off, it charges faster.

If you use the iPhone while charging power is being used for both operating the iPhone and charging the phone, charging speed is drastically reduced because not all of the iPhone’s resources are being used to charge the phone.

3. Playing games may cause the USB Port to become loose

Some games, such as Fortnite and PubG, require you to move the iPhone while aiming; this excessive handling may damage the USB port; a damaged USB port can cause charging issues or even make charging impossible.

Some games, such as PUBG and Honor of Kings, necessitate movement, operations, and handling. Movement, processes, and handling can all have an impact on or damage the USB port.

A damaged USB port can cause charging issues and even fail to charge completely.

4. The maximum charge on your iPhone will be reduced

Playing games, especially while charging, will reduce the maximum capacity of your iPhone.
Apple considers any iPhone with a battery capacity of 80% or higher to be in good health.

Apple offers a one-year warranty on any battery that is at least 80% charged. It is not uncommon for an iPhone to have a battery capacity of 95 percent or higher after one year, but playing games while charging makes this very unlikely.

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