[4 Easy Fixes] Kotor Widescreen Fix Windows 10 – Full Guide 2022

Knights of the Old Republic is over ten years old, and many users are having trouble playing it on newer systems. Crashing after the character creation menu and the game freezing when leaving certain planets are among the issues. This guide will teach you how to repair Knights of the Old Republic for newer operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Possible Fixes

Kotor Widescreen Fix Windows 10
kotor gameplay

1. Compatibility Mode

  • When an older game does not work on newer operating systems, the first thing you should try is to run it in compatibility mode.
  • Right-click the game’s shortcut or.exe file and select properties.
  • Navigate to the compatibility tab and run the game in compatibility mode for a previous version of Windows, such as Windows XP.
  • Apply the setting and then click OK.

2. Disable Unsupported Graphics Settings

Some of the graphics settings in this game are outdated and will not work on newer systems. Soft Shadows and Frame Buffer Effects should be turned off.

  • In the options menu, navigate to the graphics settings.
  • Navigate to the advanced graphics settings.
  • Soft Shadows and Frame Buffer Effects should be unchecked.

The first two solutions should have fixed the problem (they did for me), but many players have reported online that this final fix for Knights of the Old Republic frequently works.

3. Run The Game In Windowed Mode

  • Read this Steam tutorial to learn how to run the game in windowed mode. If the first two fixes failed, this should resolve the problem.

4. Widescreen Issue Fix

  • Regardless of the resolution, you want to patch to, select “Star Wars: KOTOR (1024×768 interface)” from the Game dropdown menu.
  • In the folder browser, look for the game’s folder.
  • Enter your preferred widescreen resolution and then press the Patch button.

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Old games are always troublesome when it comes to running on new systems. But at the same time, Kotor is one of the best star war games out there. We understand that gamers, especially veterans, would want to run this game on their systems. Hopefully, any errors you encountered while trying to run this game will be resolved after reading this article.

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