Lego Harry Potter Cheat Codes: Best Spell Unlocking Cheats – Full Guide

If you’re enchanted by Harry Potter and his friends’ heroic adventures, you might not think that cheating is something he does – Hermione would certainly not approve, and you risk losing points for Gryffindor.

However, the Harry Potter LEGO games, which can be purchased separately or as part of the LEGO Harry Potter Collection, provide numerous ways to incorporate fun elements into your game. Do you want to improve your magical abilities? Or make it easier to find items? We understand.

Allow us to reveal all of the Potter LEGO game secrets – just don’t tell Dumbledore!

How To Use The Cheat Codes?

Actually, there are two ways to enter cheats. The first can be found by visiting Wiseacre’s Wizarding Supplies in the Diagon Alley hub in the LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 section. Enter the building and proceed upstairs to a chalkboard where you can enter cheats.

For LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7, go to the main menu and then select ‘Extras.’ You can access the cheats section from here, so enter the codes below to spice up the game.

Some cheats are available at any time, while others are only available during the first or second half of the story. Examine your options below!

Lego Harry Potter Cheats

Some general Lego Harry Potter cheat codes have been provided below:

  • Carrot Wands (Changes all wands into carrots) – AUC8EH
  • Character Studs (Characters and enemies leave Studs behind) – H27KGC
  • Character Token Detector (Detects Character Tokens) – HA79V8
  • Christmas (Adds Santa hats to characters) – T7PVVN
  • Disguise – ENTRY2 4DMK2R
  • Extra Hearts (Adds extra hearts) – J9U6Z9
  • Fall Rescue (Rescues from fall damage) – ZEX7MV
  • Fast Dig (Faster digging animation) – Z9BFAD
  • Fast Magic (Faster magic animation) – FA3GQA
  • Gold Brick Detector (Detects Gold Bricks) – 84QNQN
  • Hogwarts Crest Detector (Detects Hogwarts Crests) – TTMC6D
  • Ice Rink (Floor behaves like slippery ice) – F88VUW
  • Invincibility (Invincible to damage) – QQWC6B
  • Red Brick Detector (Detects Red Bricks) – 7AD7HE
  • Regenerate Hearts (Regenerates Hearts) – 89ML2W
  • Score x2 (Multiplies score by 2) – 74YKR7
  • Score x4 (Multiplies score by 4) – J3WHNK
  • Score x6 (Multiplies score by 6) – XK9ANE
  • Score x8 (Multiplies score by 8) – HUFV2H
  • Score x10 (Multiplies score by 10) – H8X69Y
  • Silhouettes (Turns every character into a black silhouette) – HZBVX7
  • Singing Mandrake (Mandrake plants now sing) – BMEU6X
  • Stud Magnet Attracts Studs to you) – 67FKWZ

Spell Cheats

Spell unlocking cheats from years 1 to 4 have been provided below:

  • Accio – VE9VV7
  • Anteoculatia – QFB6NR
  • Calvorio – 6DNR6L
  • Colovaria – 9GJ442
  • Engorgio Skullus – CD4JLX
  • Entomorphis – MYN3NB
  • Flipendo – ND2L7W
  • Glacius – ERA9DR
  • Herbifors – H8FTHL
  • Incarcerous – YEB9Q9
  • Locomotor Mortis – 2M2XJ6
  • Multicorfors – JK6QRM
  • Redactum Skullus – UW8LRH
  • Rictusempra – 2UCA3M
  • Slugulus Eructo – U6EE8X
  • Stupefy – UWDJ4Y
  • Tarantallegra – KWWQ44
  • Trip Jinx – YZNRF6

Gold Bricks Cheats

Cheats to get gold bricks:

  • Gold Brick 1 – QE4VC7
  • Gold Brick 2 – FY8H97
  • Gold Brick 3 – 3MQT4P
  • Gold Brick 4 – PQPM7Z
  • Gold Brick 5 – ZY2CPA
  • Gold Brick 6 – 3GMTP6
  • Gold Brick 7 – XY6VYZ
  • Gold Brick 8 – TUNC4W
  • Gold Brick 9 – EJ42Q6
  • Gold Brick 10 – GFJCV9
  • Gold Brick 11 – DZCY6G

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And that was all about the lego harry potter cheat codes. These cheats will help make your experience more smooth and easy. We hope you found this guide helpful.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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