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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Lego Marvel Avengers cheats. Marvel Avengers focuses on the titular crime-fighting superteam, taking players to iconic locations from several Phase Two Marvel films. It’s your typical LEGO brick-busting adventure, with the majority of your time spent destroying the environment and collecting studs. LEGO Marvel Avengers, like any other LEGO game, allows you to use cheats to spice up your gaming experience. You’ll need to know what they are first, so we’ve been hard at work compiling this LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats Guide. We’ll go over all of the known LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats so you can unlock all of the LEGO Avengers characters, as well as the various stud unlocks.

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes

Cheats are an excellent way to improve any LEGO game. Cheats can be used to unlock characters, vehicles, and bonuses. Let’s look at the LEGO Marvel Avengers cheats, how to use the cheat codes, and what other unlocks are available in the game.

Character Unlock Cheats

The first set of cheat codes we’ll look at is the LEGO Marvel Avengers Character Unlock Cheats. Enter these to obtain the characters listed below.

  • A-Bomb – 2K8QCG
  • Amadeus Cho – 3ZDB2W
  • Bengal -8HG9HC
  • Butter Ball – MJNFAJ
  • Chase – 93NNGB
  • Cottonmouth – BTS8M6
  • Count Nefaria – ZNCK2S
  • Diamondback – UNECSY
  • Fast Build [Red Block] – 5MZ73E
  • Finesse WU9YBF
  • Firebird RABVV7
  • Mantis – M562MB
  • Minikit Detector [Red Block] – JYJAFX
  • Quasar – N4YANB
  • Quinjet (Mini) [Vehicle] – 9KFJ7A
  • Silver Centurion (mark 33) – 4AKZ4G
  • Skaar – MFUPE7
  • Speed – K66TQP
  • Striker – XP9QX9
  • Swordsman – R9CWTF
  • Thunderstrike – JWRGP4
  • Tigra – D4RREH
  • Veil – A7BRT4

How To Use These Cheats?

Cheats in LEGO Marvel Avengers can be entered in a variety of ways, just like in other LEGO games. First, go to the Cheats terminal in the hub world. This will allow you to look at the available cheats and enter codes. The quickest way to add cheats to the Extras menu. This can be done at any time during the game.

Stud Unlock Cheats

Finally, the LEGO Marvel Avengers Stud Unlocks are available. As far as LEGO games go, there isn’t many Stud Unlocks to speak of. Even so, the ones that are included are well worth a look. The LEGO Marvel Avengers Stud Unlocks are listed below:

  • Minikit Detector – Code: JYJAFX
  • Fast Build – Code: 5MZ73E

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That concludes our LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats and Codes. We’ll keep this page updated as we discover new cheats. If you have any new cheats, please let us know.

Please let us know your suggestions/questions in the comments below.

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