Is It Worth To Replacing A MacBook Pro Screen? Is It Just A Waste?

Let’s be honest. When you drop your MacBook, one of the first things that get damaged is the screen. I understand how frightening that can be because laptop screen replacements are no laughing matter. They cost hundreds of dollars and aren’t always worth it. So, is it really worth spending that much money on a screen replacement, or should you just get a new MacBook instead? Let’s see what happens!

It is not worth replacing the screen on a MacBook because a modern Macbook with a retina display screen costs between $455 and $705 to replace. $755 is nearly the same as the $999 2021 MacBook Air. Because MacBooks only have a 5-8 year lifespan, it is preferable to spend the money on a new MacBook Pro.

If you’ve had your MacBook for a long time, it’s probably seen a lot of wear and tear. Aside from the damage caused by falls or surface hits, all of the dust that accumulates on your Mac over time causes a lot of internal damage that we are unaware of.

So, if you’ve been using your MacBook Pro for a while and you break your screen, I wouldn’t recommend getting a screen replacement because it’s not worth it. Your best bet is to purchase a new MacBook from AmazonOpens in a new tab. or refurbished pens in a new window Apple laptop computer.

Read on to discover why replacing a MacBook Pro screen isn’t worth it, as well as useful information about the various tiers at which Apple will replace a MacBook.

Why Is It Not Worth Replacing the Screen on Your MacBook Pro?

A replacement MacBook Pro Retina Screen would typically cost between $455 and $705 USD. Add to that the labor costs for checking your laptop and the delivery costs (if applicable). It is not worth it to get a screen replacement for your MacBook at that price when a MacBook with an M1 chip is a similar cost to the repair.

Allow me to explain why! There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your screen. Let’s take a look at them to see why your Macbook with a broken screen is now a lost cause.

Why is it a waste of money to replace a MacBook screen?

  • If your Macbook’s warranty has expired and you take it to an Apple store for a retina screen replacement, they will charge you at least $455 for the new screen and $100 for labor for an earlier model. This $555 price tag is more than half the price of a new MacBook.
  • A screen replacement for a MacBook Pro falls under Apple Repair Tier 4. This is the most expensive category of Apple Repair because it addresses all of your computer’s problems.
  • If you dropped your MacBook Pro, there is a good chance that many other internal parts of your MacBook have been damaged that are not visible from the outside. Simply replacing the screen will not resolve all of the potential issues, so the entire repair will cost you more than the screen replacement cost.
  • Every machine has a life expectancy. If your MacBook is an older model, it will soon become obsolete, and you will need to upgrade to a newer model. Instead of having its screen repaired, sell your MacBook Pro in its current condition on sites like eBay and use the proceeds to purchase a brand new MacBook Pro. This link will open in a new tab.

How Much Does a MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost?

A screen replacement is free if the problem is covered by a warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law. If your problem isn’t one of these, a screen replacement for a MacBook Pro with a Retina display will cost you between $455 and $755, with the more modern screens costing $755 and the older models costing $455.

There is no warranty or AppleCare+. At an Apple Store, you can expect to pay between $455 and $705 for a MacBook Pro screen replacement. Make an appointment at an Apple Store from this page to have your screen checked. Check this page to see if your MacBook is covered by AppleCare+.

The exact cost of your screen replacement is determined by taking into account factors such as your Macbook’s model, year, and Apple Repair Tiers. For example, a screen replacement for a MacBook Pro with Retina Display from 2015 to the present would cost at least $450. This is the MacBook I own, and it’s currently selling on eBay for $310-$499 USD. You can get one for less than the cost of a new screen!

The screen replacement for a MacBook Air 13′ from 2010 to 2017 would cost at least $350.

I’ve explained the Apple Repair Tiers that determine repair costs below to help you understand them.

What Are Apple’s Repair Levels?

Tier 1 Apple Repair

This tier is responsible for minor repairs such as cables, brackets, screws, reseating, and so on. It costs $455 in total, including the $100 labour charge.

Tier 2 Apple Repair

Entails the replacement of assemblies and minor boards in your computer. For instance, the power supply board or the inverter assembly board. It costs $555 in total, including the $100 labour charge.

Tier 3 Apple Repair

Tier 3 includes the replacement of a hard drive. The total cost is $655, which includes the $100 labour charge.

Tier 4 Apple Repair

This Tier addresses the major components and issues with your Macbook, such as screens and logic boards. The total cost is $755, which includes the $100 labour charge.

You should now be able to determine which category your damaged computer belongs to. So, in the end, repairing your MacBook Pro will waste a lot of your time, energy, and money. Instead, you should sell it on eBay and a few more dollars to get a brand new computer Why spend that much money on a used machine when you can get something new?

Refurbished Apple laptops are all rigorously tested and meet the same functional standards as new Apple products; purchasing a refurbished device from Apple is the same as purchasing new, but with special savings of up to 15%. What’s not to like about this?

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