How To Fix The Mistplay Error Code 502836982 On Your Device?

Mistplay allows you to discover new games and earn rewards for playing them. You earn units by playing games. Then you can exchange your units for fantastic rewards such as Amazon, Visa, and more. In addition, you can chat with your friends, enter weekly contests, and compete for a spot on their leaderboards.

What Does This Error Mean?

People have been experiencing this error lately. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any information regarding this error on the official website. Because of this, we do not know the true nature of this error.

The error appears on the screen as such:

“Error: Oops. There appears to be an error with our games service. Error Code: 502-836982”

From the information, we’ve gathered, this error prevents the user to access the game section in the app.

Possible Solutions

There does not seem to be a concrete solution to this error, in some cases, this error seems to have been fixed automatically. Still, you can try these fixes and see if they work for you:

  • Clear the cache of your device.
  • Reset the app preferences.
  • Make sure that Mistplay is not disabled on your device.
  • Force stop the game and clear the game cache.

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Try these fixes and see if they work for you. Do share your experience in the comments. Please consider sharing if you found this guide helpful.

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