Mysql Ssl Error Unknown Error Number: How To Fix – Full Guide

This error “ERROR 2026 (HY000): SSL connection error: unknown error number” is unclear, but it is likely that you are attempting to connect with an old client that does not support modern TLS versions.

MySQL is configured on Stackhero to only support modern TLS versions and ciphers for security reasons.

Fortunately, you can support older versions by going to the dashboard configuration and selecting the “Support old TLS version” option.

This is typically the case when a MySQL 5 client is unable to connect to the old TLSv1.1 version using TLS upper.

Connecting Tableau To MySQL

Tableau ( allows you to connect powerful dashboards to your database and create powerful dashboards.

  • Create a new connection in Tableau and select MySQL to connect to MySQL. Simply enter the host server, the user, and the password and validate. By default, an SSL connection will be established.
  • If you receive the error “SSL connection error: unknown error number,” enable the option “Support old TLS version” in the Stackhero dashboard’s MySQL service configuration.

How To Connect HeidiSQL and MySQL?

  • Simply enter the hostname, user, and password fields to connect HeidiSQL to MySQL.
  • Set the library to libmariadb.dll.
Mysql Ssl Error
  • Then, on the SSL tab, select Use SSL. No certificates are required.
Mysql Ssl Error Unknown Error Number
  • If you use MySQL, it appears that the libmysql.dll library does not support modern TLS ciphers (as of HeidiSQL 11.0).
  • The solution is to use the libmariadb.dll library, which is capable of handling TLS. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with MySQL’s default “Caching SHA2 password” authentication plugin. In that case, you will receive an “Access denied error.”
  • To fix this, in the Stackhero dashboard, change the authentication plugin for the user root to “MySQL native password.”
  • In phpMyAdmin, you can configure the authentication plugin for other users.

Changes To Root User Permissions Or Deletion Of The Root User

Simply restart your instance if you accidentally changed permissions, and passwords, or deleted the “root” user.
Our system will recreate this user with the correct password and permissions.

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