NFS Heat Cheat Codes For Xbox One: NFS Heat Trainer Full Guide

Need for Speed: Heat on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, are you still unlucky and moving slowly into the game while other random players take their chances in the racing scene? This article will assist you in catching up with the game by providing some Need for Speed Heat cheat Xbox one, Need for Speed Heat cheat Xbox one unlimited money, and so on. This article will provide you with the need for speed heat cheat codes for Xbox One in order to improve your game and your energy.

NFS Heat Cheat Codes For Xbox One

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a racing game based on the legendary gaming action-driving series. Taking the racing game to the next level by pushing the players to their spectacular limits and leaving the competition in your rearview mirror, or shake off the full-scale police pursuit by refusing to let go of the accelerator.

Need for Speed Heat was released on a variety of platforms, including Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, players occasionally require cheats to upgrade their games; here are some cheats that will upgrade the game.

NFS Heat Trainer Cheats

NFS Heat Cheat Codes

The following cheats are included in the NFS Heat trainer:

  • Ai Vehicles Freeze
  • There is no vehicle damage.
  • Nitro is unrestricted.
  • Money aplenty
  • Opponents max out fourth gear
  • Nitro refill
  • Opponents can only use the third gear.
  • Nitro is infinite.
  • Opponents can only use second gear.
  • Godmode in a car
  • Opponents max out first gear
  • Freeze AI Drivers in the Area
  • The nitrous supply is limitless.
  • Cars are not damaged.
  • Player Damage Meter Reset
  • Reset the Heat
  • Current Currency

You can download the Need For Speed trainer through this link.

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This guide was about downloading and using the NFS Heat trainer for Xbox one. We have included the trainer download link, along with the cheats provided with it. We hope you found this guide helpful.

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