[Solved] Why Am I Not Receiving Texts T Mobile On My Device?

Are you perplexed as to why your T-Mobile SMS isn’t working? Is the problem present on both iPhone and Android phones? Don’t worry; this article will explain why you’re having SMS issues and how to resolve them.

T-Mobile US is an American network service provider that operates under the T-Mobile global brand name. Deutsche Telekom owns a portion of the company, which provides wireless data and voice services. T-Mobile will be the sole owner of Sprint after a successful merger on April 1, 2020.

T-Mobile is America’s second-largest wireless service provider, with over 107 million customers. Despite the large customer base, many T-Mobile users report that their SMS service does not work on their Android and iPhone devices.

Reasons For This Error

If T-Mobile SMS isn’t working on your phone, it could be because of one of the following issues.

  • You have enabled T-SMS Mobile’s blocking service.
  • You are sending an SMS to a number that is on the spam list of your device.
  • Your cellphone’s time and date are incorrect.
  • You’re using a third-party messaging app that’s interfering with the phone’s default Messages app.
  • Your cellphone’s software is out of date.
  • SMS failure occurs because your cellphone has fewer than two signal bars.
  • Your cellphone’s SMS service center number is incorrect.
  • Your phone’s storage is running low.
  • Your prepaid account has a low balance.

How To Fix This Error?

1. Restart your Phone

To resolve the T-Mobile SMS issue, restart your phone several times. Although most carriers require only one reboot, many T-Mobile users were able to regain SMS functionality by doing so twice.

Wait a few minutes after turning off your phone before turning it back on. After that, after the phone has finished booting up, test and check SMS.

2. Turn Airplane Mode On Then Off

Another quick way to resolve the SMS issue on T-Mobile is to toggle your phone’s Airplane mode on and off. Swipe down the notification panel on your Home screen and select Airplane mode. Wait a few minutes and then tap the option again to turn it off. Next, send an SMS to see if the fix was successful.\

3. Credit The Pre-Paid Account

Checking your pre-paid account balance can help you resolve SMS-related issues. To send text messages on T-pre-paid Mobile’s plan, you must have an account balance. As a result, add some credit to your account and see if that resolves the problem.

4. Set Messages As Default App

If you installed a third-party messaging app in addition to the default one, you may have set the third-party app as the default messaging app. This causes a conflict with your phone’s Messages app and may result in failure.

However, the solution is simple. Under Settings -> Apps -> Messages, select the Messaging app as the default.

5. Clear Phone Storage

One of the most common causes of SMS not working is a lack of storage space on your phone. Many cell phones require at least 15% free storage for the Messages app to function properly. To free up device space and test the SMS service, try deleting unused apps and media files.

6. Update Software

T-Mobile SMS problems are common on certain cellphone models. We discovered that it is related to the phone software. If the above solutions did not work for you, try updating your phone software through the Settings menu and then checking the SMS service.

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This guide should have assisted you in resolving the “T-Mobile SMS not working” issue on your Android and iPhone. We recommend that you begin with the simplest troubleshooting steps and work your way up to the more complex ones.

If you’re still having trouble applying any of the fixes, please let us know in the comments below so we can guide you better.

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