On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

Want to make your post On-Page SEO optimized? Want your post to drive more organic traffic to your website?

Do you want that search engines can easily understand for which keyword your website or blog should be ranked?

If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have provided some secrets of making your website or blog SEO optimized.

When it comes to optimizing the website or blog for search engine optimization, then there are two factors on which optimization depends:-
1. On-Page optimization
2. Off-Page optimization

This article will mainly focus on on-page optimization, and here we will share useful techniques for on-page seo which you can implement on your website or blog posts.

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Why you need On-Page optimization?

Search engines are basically the set of algorithms. These algorithms consider many factors while ranking your website for the particular keyword. Now, we need to help the search engines to identify the targeted keyword, so that users will find the related content.

Nowadays Google doesn’t only use on-page SEO score for ranking article; it also considers many factors like social media signals (tweets, shares, follows, likes, etc. ), Domain Authority (DA), Backlinks, and many other off-page factors.

Our main goal is to optimize the post i the natural but smart way, so that search engines can easily find out the targetted keyword and will bring our website article or post on the first page.

General ranking factors used by search engines:-
1. Content
2. User Signals
3. Technical
4. User experience
5. Social signals
6. Backlinks

As from the above factors, it is found that off-page SEO is important but also, on the other hand, you can not neglect on-page optimization. Because the content of your website is always a king in case of Seach engine optimization.

Here are the 10 on-page seo techniques which will help in better ranking of your website :-
Before i share these techniques, here are some non-technical things you must adopt for good ranking.
1. Improve user experience
2. Your must keep in mind that user coming to your website must spend lot of time on your website
3. You must create good and useful content

So now these are the 10 on-page optimization techniques which are to be used for improving the rank :-
1. Blog Post Title
2. Post Permalink Structure
3. Heading Tags
4. Keyword Density
5. Meta Tags
6. Optimized Images
7. Word Count Per Post
8. Internal Linking
9. External Linking
10. Write Engaging Content

On-Site SEO tactics you must know :-
1. Have a Solid technical website structure and user navigation
2. Make sure your information architecture is logical
3. Link internally within body content
4. Apply mobile responsive design
5. Include local identifiers and consistent NAP
6. Implement structured data mark-up
7. Post regular, newsworthy stories
8. Publish consistent, thought-provoking content
9. Include visible trust signals like partner logos and SSL certifications
10. Apply engagement focal points such as large social share buttons

So these are the tips and secrets for on-page optimization which will help you to improve your website or blog ranking in the results of search engines.

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