Owlet App Not Working: How To Fix Common Errors – Full Guide

Is your phone’s Owlet app not working? Are you experiencing problems with the Camera, Live Reading, Smart Sock, base station connection, app opening, and crashing? I’ll show you how to fix those problems here.

Owlet Baby Cares Inc. presents the Owlet app, which allows you to connect and stream Owlet products with your phone from anywhere. You can access compatible products like Smart Sock and Owlet cam live on your phone using this Android and iOS mobile application.

However, the Owlet app does not always work properly for all users.

How To Fix The Common Owlet App?

Now we shall discuss some common issues along with their solutions:

1. Reading Not Showing

This is the error that results in dashes instead of living readings below the heart rate section.

The following could be the cause of your error:

  • It is possible to disconnect the base station from the internet.
  • The base station may be disconnected from Sock.
  • Sock is attempting to obtain an accurate reading.

Solution To This Error:

  • First, check that the small green light on the base station’s left side is lit. If it isn’t, you’ll need to connect your base station to WiFi.
  • You should also make sure that the small light on the bottom right side is turned on. This could indicate that the sock and base station are linked. If not, reconnect the sock and base station.
  • Examine the smart sock’s size. Check that the sock fits snugly.
  • Sensors should be centered in the sock’s windows.
  • Check that the round head of the electronic is properly inserted into the sock.

2. Not Connecting To Camera

You may see the error codes while setting up Baby cam, or you may see the spinning circle with Connecting or loading, but it will still not connect after a long wait.

If the Owlet app is not connecting to the camera, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Check that the Cam has enough power. Also, ensure that the status lights are turned on.
  • If the status lights are off, unplug the camera and reconnect it.
  • If the status lights are blinking blue, it indicates that WiFi is not connected. Examine and repair the WiFi connection.
  • If the Status lights are solidly blue or purple, you must Force-Close the Owlet and relaunch it to see if this resolves the issue.

3. Failed To Connect To Sock

If the owlet app is unable to connect to the sock, it means your smart sock is not paired with the base station.

As a result, you must connect the owlet smart sock to the base station.

Here’s how to put them together:

  • Connect your smart sock to the base station, then to the wall.
  • If you have multiple units, instead of plugging them all in at once, set them up one at a time. Once one is registered, the other must follow suit.
  • If the owlet app is open on any device, force it to close before proceeding.
  • Flip the base station over and quickly press the small rectangle button three times. The button should be pressed three times in three seconds.
  • A beep will be heard. After hearing the beep, press the big round button twice. It must be pressed within two seconds.
  • You’ll hear the beep once more.

4. Can’t Connect To Base Station

If the Owlet app is not connecting to the base station, one of the possible causes is that Wi-Fi has been disconnected from the base station.

When Wi-Fi is disconnected from the base, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • There is some kind of problem with your home WiFi.
  • The base station may be outside of the internet router’s range.
  • Your Internet connection may be down.
  • The app’s status may be incorrect.

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So that’s everything you need to know about why the Owlet app isn’t working and how to fix it. We’ve listed some common issues you might face along with their solutions. We hope you find this guide helpful.

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave them in the comments section below.

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