{Error Fixed} Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/

What is Firefox’s place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ and why does it keep appearing in your searches? If you’re here for the same reason, you’ve come to the right place. Understand what this location:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ in your browser means and how to deal with it.

Firefox, also known as Mozilla Firefox, is a popular free and open-source web browser. Firefox is best known for providing secure and private web browsing. This browser is twice as fast as the standard browser and provides quick search results.

This browser, on the other hand, irritates users. Firefox displaying strange options and relevant searches such as type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ has become a topic of discussion among Firefox users. If you’re curious about why keep reading.

What Is Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ Error?

Whenever a user types “t” in the search bar it shows “place:type=6&sort=14&maxResults=10/”.

How Can This Error Be Solved?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a concrete solution to this error as of now. However, you can try the methods provided below and see if they work for you.

Here Are The Two Methods:

Method 1:

  • Anytime you encounter the URL Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10 Error while typing T or adding a bookmark, remove Google Chrome, Firefox, or any browser you are currently using, then reinstall it.
  • Check to see whether the error is still occurring or not.
  • If the error still persists, proceed to method 2.

Method 2:

  • In your browser, go to “History” > “Clear Recent History”… and clear “Browsing & Download History”, “Form & Search History”, and “Cache”.

This error has become a talking point among users. You can try the methods provided above to solve this issue, but if it still persists, then you should just ignore it since it has no real effect on the overall performance of the browser or the search results.

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