[Easy Guide] How To Stop The PS5 Controller Sticking Issue?

The DualSense controller for the PS5 may be Sony’s best gamepad yet. It has a futuristic design and several hardware upgrades, but early PlayStation 5 owners are already experiencing a problem. Despite the fact that the devices are not very old, some users have reported their PS5 controller face buttons sticking.

Is there a way to fix the DualSense’s sticky X, Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons? Here’s the most recent information on the next-generation PlayStation controller issue.

How To Fix The Sticky Buttons?

Although the next-generation PlayStation has only been out for a short time, reports of PS5 controller flaws have already surfaced online. We, like several other gamers, encountered a stuck DualSense face button while using the controller.

Seemingly, all face buttons can fall victim to the issue. This could indicate a larger manufacturing issue rather than a single error with a specific face button.

  • Spray compressed air into the small gap between the affected button(s) and the plastic DualSense shell to help prevent PS5 controller face buttons from sticking.
  • Debris may be to blame for snagging the button, so this is a safe method of removing potential impediments.
  • Also, avoid pressing the PlayStation 5 controller’s face buttons too hard. It may seem obvious, but in the midst of an intense boss battle in Demon’s Souls, for example, it’s easy to apply extra force unintentionally. If used excessively, this could damage the mechanism.
  • These PS5 controller button sticking workarounds may only be temporary fixes; in that case, contacting PlayStation Support is the next step.
  • If the device is still under warranty, a free PS5 controller repair or replacement should be available.
  • Owners who disassemble their DualSense and attempt home repairs may void the warranty, so do not do so unless you are experienced.

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One of the fixes listed up there should work for you. If none of the fixes work, your best bet would be to contact the PlayStation support team

Warning: Some of the fixes above do require steady hands and some level of familiarity with tech and machinery. If you have no experience doing something of this sort, just take the help of someone who does.

if you have any queries regarding the fixes listed above, do let us know in the comments below.

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