[Solved In 5 Easy Steps] What To Do If PS5 Turn On By Itself?

If you’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a PlayStation 5, you may have noticed that the system can turn on by itself. That distinctive PlayStation console beep may catch you off guard as the console comes to life without your intervention.

No, the uprising of artificial intelligence isn’t here. Not yet, at any rate. However, there are a number of possible causes for your PS5 to turn on by itself. Fortunately, you can change this setting if you want.

Why Is The PS5 Turning Off By Itself?

  • There are several possible causes for your PS5 to turn on by itself. Fortunately, these are features rather than bugs.
  • In fact, they’re usually features accessible via your console’s settings menu.
  • Your HDMI device link could be one of the causes.
  • If you turn off your system but leave it connected to the HDMI input that your console is connected to, turning on your TV to that input channel will also turn on your console.
  • Switching to that input will also turn on your PS5.
  • If you have it set to Rest Mode with the “Stay connected to the internet” option enabled, your console may start downloading updates or uploading data to the cloud automatically.

Now that we’ve looked at the causes, let us take a look at the fixe:

Possible Fixes:

  • In the PlayStation 5 System Menu, go to “HDMI” and look for the option “Enable HDMI Device Link.”
  • Turning this setting off ensures that your HDMI input does not turn your console on without your knowledge.
  • Find the “Features Available in Rest Mode” menu in your Settings for the Rest Mode option.
  • Locate “Enable Turning on PS5 from Network” and disable it.
  • The PlayStation 5 has more features than users may be aware of, so make sure you understand how your console is behaving.

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The PS5 is one of the top consols out there as of now. However, it does not possess the ability to turn on by itself. If your PS5 is turning on by itself then do not worry, there is no great technical issue, and neither is your PS5 possessed by a ghost.

Follow the fixes given above and easily resolve this error. If you have any queries please leave them in the comments below.

Enjoy gaming!

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