[Comprehensive Guide] How To Fix The Roomba Error 14?

Is it fully charged? Check. Home Base plugged in? Check. Establish a cleaning schedule. Check. Your Roomba is now ready to take on the world.

Until… “Uh-oh.” beep

The display on your Roomba says “Error 14.” Don’t freak out, instead continue reading to find a solution to this error.

What Causes This Error?

  • When your Roomba displays “Error 14,” it means that it is unable to detect an installed bin.
  • This is due to the sensors, bin, and filters becoming too clogged to function.
  • In addition, the software on your Roomba may be corrupted.
  • Your trash can is not securely fastened and is damaged.
  • Or the battery is running low.

Solutions To This Error

1. Clean The Sensors, Filters, and Bin

Don’t forget about your Roomba. After all, it does all of the grunt work. Getting down to business. Cleaning up the dust, dirt, and grime. It gets into those hard-to-reach corners of your house. It becomes filthy as a result.

The Roomba contains delicate parts. It is equipped with sensors, filters, and a bin.

Your Roomba has three types of sensors:

  • Sensors for cliffs.
  • Sensors for full bins.
  • Sensors for floor tracking

Another thing to look at is the filter. The filter reduces the size of the dust particles. Which is then discarded. There may be some dust, wool, or larger objects accumulating there. They eventually wind up on other parts of the device.

The bin collects everything that passes through the filter. This is possibly the dirtiest area of your Roomba.

How to clean these parts:

  • Take a microfiber cloth with you. Make certain that it is clean.
  • Turn the Roomba over. Find the sensors. Each model is unique. Some sensors are located beneath the device. You can consult the manual for your Roomba.
  • Wipe the sensors gently with the cloth.
  • You must now disassemble the bin unit. So you can get to the filter and the bin. Prior to that, clean the fan. For this, a Q-tip will suffice.
  • This is done to get to the smaller corners. Expect dust to cover this area as well.
  • Look for the release button to clean its filter. It’s atop your Roomba. Remove the bin. Then, empty the trash can. To open it, press the yellow lever.
  • Typically, the filter is blue. Pull the tabs on both sides. Then, remove the filter.
  • Inside your garbage can, tap the filter. Repeat until all of the dust has been removed. Once finished, slide it back.

2. Fix Firmware Corruption

The most dangerous enemy of a device is software bugs.

Your Roomba is also controlled by software. The latter can occasionally fail. Especially after you’ve been using it for so long. Not always, however.

Most likely, it will require a break. Alternatively, a deload. And then start over with a blank slate.

If the software is slow, the other components will fail. The error then appears.

There are three options for dealing with this:

  • The device is being reset.
  • Rebooting the device
  • Replacing the battery

Resetting The Device

  • This is dependent on the model you own.
  • Press the Clean button on the I Series and S Series Roombas. Keep it there for 20 seconds. The white light surrounding the button will spin clockwise. When this occurs, let go of the button. Wait for the white light on the Roomba to turn off. This takes only a few minutes.
  • Press the Clean button on the 700, 800, and 900 Series Roombas. Hold for ten seconds. When it beeps, let go. Your Roomba will then restart.
  • Is it still not working? Continue to the next step.

Rebooting The Device

  • A factory reset may be beneficial. Do you know how you study for weeks? Finally, complete the major exam. You’d want to clear your mind as soon as possible.
  • That’s exactly how your Roomba feels.
  • All custom settings, maps, and schedules are erased during a reset. Before you begin, make a note of all of your data.
  • Also, make sure your Roomba is linked to the iRobot Home app.
  • Open the iRobot Home app to reset the robot. Navigate to the Settings menu. Select Factory Reset. Accept the prompt that appears.
  • Allow it to finish resetting.
  • If this fails, restart the app. Turn off the Edge Clean Mode. This mode instructs your Roomba to focus on the room’s perimeter.
  • This can be found in Cleaning Preferences

Reinstalling Battery

No advancements? Let’s get started with the battery.

Replace the battery as follows:

  • Turn off the Roomba completely.
  • Flip the Roomba onto its back. Get yourself a screwdriver. Remove the screws. Don’t forget about the guy with the spinning brush.
  • Take off the bottom cover. Remove the battery’s two tabs. Then take it out.
  • Allow at least 15 seconds. Replace the battery.
  • Replace the screws and close the cover.
  • Re-start the device. This should fix the problem.

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Try the fixes provided above, they should be enough to get rid of error 14. Furthermore, your Roomba also has a one-year warranty, which you can claim here. Once they check your claim, they will either fix your Roomba or provide you with a new one. If you’d rather do it yourself, then the fixes provided above should be enough.

If you have any confusion regarding this guide, please let us know in the comments.

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