[3 Easy Fixes] How To Fix The Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Charge?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting lock to improve your home security, browsing the Schlage or Kwikset portfolios will help you find the ideal unit for your needs.

Both of these brands have done well for themselves, but you’ll have to stretch your budget a little further to include these units in your setup.

You can also get advice from local experts on which unit will best meet your needs.

There have recently been numerous inquiries about Schlage local not working after a recent battery change. If you’re in a similar situation where the Schlage lock stops working after installing a new battery, these solutions will help you get around the problem.

How To Fix This Problem?

Here are some fixes you can apply to fix this issue:

1. Compatibility

  • The majority of users who experience this problem report that they were not using the correct type of batteries in their Schlage locks.
  • So there’s a good chance you’re in a similar situation and aren’t even aware of it. Instead of looking for troubleshooting methods for this error, simply install compatible batteries in the Schlage lock, and it will begin working properly.
  • Battery compatibility varies depending on the type of Schlage lock or deadbolt you have installed in your home.
  • You’ll need to either consult the owner’s manual or contact customer service. They will assist you in locating the best batteries for your lock, and you will never have to worry about compatibility issues again.
  • The majority of Schlage sense deadbolts rely on four double-A batteries, and you should only choose reputable brands, even if their batteries are slightly more expensive.
  • Otherwise, you’ll struggle to keep your smart lock running smoothly, and it will begin to malfunction again.

2. Fix Connectors

  • Users have also reported that the battery connectors on their Schlage smart lock were damaged while reinstalling the batteries in some cases.
  • So, if you’re in a similar situation, that’s probably why the Schlage lock won’t work even after you replace the battery.
  • The lock will not function until these connectors are repaired and the unit is properly powered. Fortunately, repairing the damaged connectors is not difficult, and all you’ll need to do to troubleshoot the problem is managing the orientation of these connectors.
  • Once the connectors are properly connected to the circuit wiring, reinstall the battery pack, and the lock should turn on.
  • However, if the connectors are not properly seated within the housing, you will require the assistance of a professional. Call Schlage customer service and explain your problem to them.
  • They will assist you with some simple techniques for resolving the connector problem. So, instead of wasting hours trying to fix the problem yourself, enlist the help of some experts, and the problem will be resolved in no time.

3. Check Wiring

  • It’s also possible that the wiring connected to the battery pack was damaged during the installation process.
  • To get ahead of the problem, you’ll need to inspect the wires connecting the battery to the circuit. Most of the time, a loose connection point was causing the problem with the Schlage to lock not working after the battery change.
  • Ideally, you can simply secure the connection points and tighten the loose points to solve this problem. However, if you have kinked wires, there is a good chance that they are interfering with the power flow in your unit.
  • To get the lock to work, you’ll need to replace these wires and then reinstall the battery.
  • Overall, you’re attempting to repair the lock’s power issues, and if your lock shows no signs of power, then these three solutions should help you get ahead of the problem.
  • Otherwise, you’re dealing with a faulty circuit board and will have to file a warranty claim. If the lock still does not work after you have fixed all of the power connections and compatibility issues, contact your dealer and explain the situation.

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Schlage units are well-known for the short battery life of their devices. As a result, you’ll need to replace the battery in these locks on a regular basis. However, there have been no complaints about the locks’ durability or programming.

As long as the battery pack is in good condition, it should be relatively simple to repair the device. When there are compatibility issues, you will need to get a replacement. So it all comes down to the unit’s condition.

You can’t really do anything about a faulty unit on your own. Fortunately, Schlage has a reasonable warranty policy. You can use the warranty to get a new piece quickly. However, the claim must highlight a genuine flaw in the lock.

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