{3 Easy Fixes} How To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2

Nothing beats getting a Shark robot vacuum that you can rely on to keep your house clean. However, your cleaning partner may occasionally encounter complications that will frustrate you, such as error 2. Don’t be concerned. We’ve all been in situations where we’re completely unsure of what went wrong.

The Shark robot vacuum error 2 code indicates that something is interfering with the vacuum’s ability to move freely. And, to assist you in resolving the issue, we’ve compiled a list of potential causes.

How To Fix The Shark Robot Vacuum Error

Fix – 1

The most common cause of “error 2” is a clogged brush roll. After each cleaning session, there will be some loose hair and debris on the brush. And, eventually, error 2 will occur when the brush roll can no longer spin freely.

To solve the problem, simply remove the brush roll and thoroughly clean it. Remember to remove the brush roll’s end cup and clean what’s inside. You’ll be surprised at how much hair is trapped inside. Obstruction error 2 will be removed once all of these steps have been completed.

Fix – 2

The wheels, like the brush roll, can become tangled with hair, limiting mobility. In this case, we recommend visually inspecting each wheel on your Shark robot vacuum and cleaning out anything that is trapped inside.

Fix – 3

The side brushes are another possible source of error 2. Examine the side brushes to see how they spin. We recommend that you manually rotate each of them. If one of the brushes does not appear to be spinning smoothly, this indicates that something is stuck inside of it. In this case, clean the affected brush or replace it if cleaning does not resolve the issue.

But what if you have visitors and need to vacuum the house? Don’t be concerned. I have a fantastic temporary solution for you. If the side brush is the problem, there is another way to use your Shark robot vacuum. Turn on your vacuum and, as soon as it starts spinning, flick the defective brush.

Warning: Please keep in mind that if you rely on this tip, you will no longer be able to use your Shark robot vacuum automatically because you will need to be at home to manually flick the brush. Still, if you want to use all of your Shark robot vacuum’s features, you should get a new brush.

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Before we go, there’s something important we’d like to mention. To avoid error 2, clean your Shark robot vacuum once a week, especially if you have residents with long hair or pets that shed a lot.

With that said, we hope the advice provided above was beneficial to you. We’d appreciate it if you could tell us how these tricks worked for you and whether they helped you solve your problem. Also, if you discovered another cause that resulted in error 2, please share it in the comments section below.

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