[Solved] How To Half Swipe On Snapchat On My Phone?

Snapchat is a great platform for staying in touch with friends and family, but not everyone wants to keep up with the quick chats and updates.

When users discovered that the half-swipe trick allowed them to remain anonymous, it quickly became an unofficial feature.

However, this feature was changed in 2021, and some are only now realizing that they can no longer rely on the old trick.

What Is The Half Swipe?

Half-swipe is a Snapchat feature that was unintentionally designed by the platform but is fully utilized by its users.

It enabled you to read a message without informing the sender.

This was well-received by users because it allowed them to choose not to respond to a specific message without fear of the other person discovering that you had seen their text.

Does The Half Swipe Still Work?

  • To view any message on Snapchat, swipe left, and the sender will receive a notification.
  • However, if you half-swipe the screen by tapping on the sender’s icon, you can read the entire message without opening it.
  • However, in 2021, this feature was changed to allow the sender to receive notifications even if the message receiver used the half-swipe method.
  • As a result, whenever you view someone’s message, your bit emoji will appear in the chat, letting them know you saw it.
  • This means that the half-swipe method is no longer valid.

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The half-swipe option has been disabled for more than a year, but some users are still under the impression that it works.

Some users who are aware of the changes have requested that Snapchat reinstate the half-swipe method.

So yes, unfortunately, you can’t do it anymore. Maybe Snapchat will re-enable this feature in the future.

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