[3 Easy Fixes] How To Fix The Streaming Error On Ring?

Streaming errors occur on Ring IoT devices when attempting to live stream or video a recording from the mobile app. The problem has been reported on nearly all Ring-supported devices and with various ISPs/phones.

This error usually indicates a problem with the application’s internal components or the connected network.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the streaming error on Ring and provide possible solutions.

Reasons Behind This Error

It is practically impossible to list all of the causes of the Ring streaming error, but the following can be easily identified as the primary culprits:

  • Outdated Ring App: If the Ring app on the user’s phone is out of date, its incompatibility with the Ring device may prevent the stream from running and cause a problem.
  • ISP Restrictions: If the ISP is interfering with web traffic between the Ring device and the user device, the streaming error may occur.
  • Unsupported Wi-Fi Band of the Router: If the Wi-Fi band on which the router (in the case of a dual-band router) is propagating its signals is not supported by the Ring device, or if the Ring device is having issues parsing the signals on the particular Wi-Fi band/channel, the error under discussion may occur.
  • Corrupt firmware of the router or Ring Device: If the firmware of the router or Ring device is corrupt, the incompatibility of one with the other may result in Ring streaming errors.

How To Fix This Error?

1. Update App

  • If the Ring app is out of date, it can cause incompatibility between the Ring device and the phone, resulting in the phone failing to parse the video stream from the Ring device.
  • In this case, updating the Ring app to the most recent build may resolve the streaming error. As an example, we will go over the process of updating the Ring app for Android.

For Android:

  • Search for Ring in the Google Play Store.
  • Now, select Ring -Always Home by Ring.com and click the Update button (if an app update is available).
  • Once updated, restart the phone, and then launch the Ring app to see if the streaming error has been resolved.

2. Disable People Only Mode

The Ring device is configured in People Only Mode to send only motion notifications and record when people are detected in the scene, but the Ring app may occasionally fail to live stream (if it “thinks” no people are on the scene) with the streaming error. In this case, disabling the Ring app’s People Only Mode may resolve the Ring error.

  • Launch the Ring app and select the problematic device from the Devices list.
  • Now navigate to Motion Settings (if you have a hardwired Ring device) or Smart Alerts (for a battery-powered device).
  • Then, toggle the People Only Mode switch to the off position and check if the Ring’s Streaming error has been resolved.

3. Clear Cache

If the Ring app’s cache or data is corrupt, the app may fail to access the necessary device modules to parse the camera stream, resulting in a streaming error. In this case, clearing the Ring app’s cache and data may resolve the error.

  • Select Applications or Apps from the Android phone’s Settings menu.
  • Now, hold down the Ring and press the Force Stop button.
  • Then confirm that you want to force stop Ring and then open Storage.
  • Now, press the Clear Cache button, followed by the Clear Storage or Clear Data button.
  • Then confirm to clear the Ring app’s storage, and then launch it to see if the streaming error has been resolved.

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If none of these methods work, see if you can roll back the phone’s OS to a previous version (if the streaming error began after an OS update and a rollback of the phone’s OS is possible). If that is not an option, the user should contact Ring support to resolve the streaming error.

If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments below.

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