How to Submit Sitemap Of Your Blog To Google Search Console?

Submit Sitemap Of Your Blog To Google Search Console

Submit Sitemap – When we create a new website or blog, the most important thing is how to how to list your website in the results of search engine. If I talk about some new blogger’s, they think that they have to pay Google to list their website or to any other search engine. But this is not true; you don’t have to pay google for this work you can show your website on search engines for free. You have to do only one thing that is helping Google to find out your website or blog easily.

There is two type of submission to Google – Firstly you have to submit your website to Google using submit URL and the second one is you have to submit the sitemap of your website or blog to Google search console.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file which contains all the urls of your website or blog. This file helps the search engine crawler’s to find the urls of your blog or website. There are many factors which are considered by Google crawler’s, such as the number of URLs in the sitemap file and the size of sitemap file. A sitemap is an index of your website which helps the Google crawler’s or bots to find out your blog or website.

Generation of sitemap for your blog or website:-
Generation of sitemap depends on the platform you are using for your website. For Example, If your platform is WordPress then there is a popular plugin named YOAST SEO which will easily generate the sitemap for your website or blog. For other platforms like if you have a static website, then there are many online tools available for this work.

Submitting sitemap to Google Search Console:-
When you have to submit a sitemap to Google, you have to use Search console tool which is provided by Google. Assuming that you have logged in to your webmaster dashboard, you can now submit the link of your website sitemap.

Steps to Submit Submit sitemap to Google Search Console:-
1. Open Webmaster Tool Dashboard
2. On the right side, there is an option called sitemap
3. Now click on more to view all submitted sitemaps, or you can submit new sitemap

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